Saturday, August 22, 2015

Six Things You Totally Deserve In A Relationship

Wake up calls, late night calls/texts, midday calls for no reason, lovely dates, flowers, thoughtful gifts, listening ears, shoulders to lean on etc. however way love is expressed, we all deserve to have truly happy relationships. We have become so invested in living our lives for other people that we have forgotten what really matters. Many people are satisfied with having a relationship at all that they endure the most inhuman treatment meted out to them. This ought not to be. We all deserve to have that one person who is in our corner, who loves on us despite our flaws. We all deserve that deeply rooted fun and beautiful kind of love. One who loves you deeply enough to resolve your arguments because what you share is worth fighting for.
Happiness might be relative but some things are basic and I’ll be sharing them below:

You deserve to have a GOOD TIME: Some of us find ourselves in situations where we feel we have a lot to prove. The thing is being with your significant other doesn’t have to feel like you are on a serious job interview or taking school exams. You should loosen your belt and unknot your tie while you settle in to enjoy great good laughs. There is too much uptightness around, your relationship should feel like home. It should feel like the much needed comfort.

You deserve COMMITMENT: It is not a relationship when there is no exclusivity. You need to know that there is that person who is always going to be in your corner when every other person isn’t. One who believes in you and believes in what you share. You deserve someone that is dedicated to what you share and who understands disagreements doesn’t necessarily mean the end.

You deserve SECURITY: You shouldn’t be worried about whether he/she loves you or not because you deserve a relationship where you truly know if you are a thing or not. You needn’t have to guess. You shouldn’t have to walk on eggshells around your partner wondering if or not she/he is going to leave you.

You deserve RECIPROCITY: You deserve to get as much as you give. You deserve to be loved back as much as you have loved. Your relationship shouldn’t feel like a huge burden that you have been sentenced to bear.

You deserve HONESTY: You deserve to have an honest relationship. One where you trust your partner and vice versa. One where you both are confident about the other’s ability to stay true to one or two values and there is no questioning or doubts on the other’s mind about activities you are engaging in or places you are going to.

You deserve to be RESPECTed: You deserve a relationship where you respect each other deeply. One where you will not be abused verbally, physically or however means.
By all means love but love rightly. You need NOT stay in a relationship where you are getting negative vibes just because you want to feel validated. However, after all is said and done, relationships grow and you shouldn’t cut our partners off because each and every one of the mentioned points are not existent yet in your relationships. In as much as you expect these qualities from your partners, you should also look in the mirror and quite frankly tell yourself the truth about if you also possess these qualities we are looking for. If you don’t, then work on yourself.

We all deserve happy and satisfying relationships.

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