Thursday, August 13, 2015

Lagos Blues And Marriage

My childhood thoughts about Lagos (which was my idea of a really big town while growing up) used to be more focused on her long bridges and coloured beautiful waters. During my short visits to Lagos as a child I never saw the trash that laid around unattended to or the impatient looks on most people’s faces. I never heard the curses that were exchanged by different drivers nor did I see the desperation to survive that was written on the faces of most of the street hawkers. I was in awe of all I thought it was. I loved the fast tempo with which the city moved and I was enthralled by the city that never sleeps. I loved the tall buildings that housed her major companies and I was captivated by the fast talking men in suits.
I heard of the famous traffic jam but never taught about the discomfort it could bring. All I ever thought was how totally different and more exciting it was in comparison to my small town. I was told of the many traps of busy towns and its numerous dangers but that didn’t stop me from moving to the town as a young adult like million others. Since moving, I have been able to form my own opinion and unsurprisingly they are pleasant ones. I complain sometimes but it is been a great experience so far.

The traffic story is like they said but I find it gives me time to catch up on the many interesting programs on the radio. Some of the streets are littered but they tell of a very busy town where everything sells. Almost everyone is equipped with a dream they are bent on fulfilling and that spirit is contagious. Despite the odds, people still stay back and they build empires out of nothing.

Interestingly, I think about my small town especially its calmness. I miss the fresh air that used to hit my nose whenever I drove through its sparsely occupied roads. I miss my home church and all the people that were in it. It might not have street lights and high rise buildings but it holds memories of some great days of my life but I am assured that there are plenty more days in this highly populated town I have chosen over it.

These thoughts I had about Lagos resonates with marriage. I admired long standing couples despite being distracted with divorce stories and loveless marriages. As a big fan of the CI channel, I watched perfect love stories go awry but that was not enough to discourage me,because everything depends on perspective. You either choose to see the traffic or you concentrate on the music coming in through your earphones. Things get to you only when you allow them to.

 Marriage like Lagos, might not be all milk and honey but it is definitely not sour lemons.

Don’t lose faith in the institution, do your bit and allow room for improvement.


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