Monday, August 17, 2015

The Roles of a Wife

Recently, I wrote a post about the roles of a husband; if you want to check it out, click here

There are so many articles on the internet telling women what they should be and do to keep their marriages alive. Many times I am tempted to write comments discarding the numerous rules made for women but I've learned to pray to God to help me curb my fingers and the speed with which they type! One might wonder, what exactly is the role of a wife? In a society where we are constantly blurring the lines between equality and similarity, it seems we have lost touch of the things we ought to know, and now focus on either fighting society's designated roles or trying to enforce them.

Contrary to popular belief, a wife's place is not beneath her husband. Yes, I can feel all your glaring eyes and deathly stares concentrated on this article but hear me out. A wife is a helper- let's call her an assistant, but the unconventional thing about the wife is she was not made from the dust beneath Adam's feet, which I believe was an option, but she was made from Adam's rib cage- a bone from Adam was used to create Eve, hence Eve became the missing part of Adam that fit in as a glove, not as a servant or a maid. She was the part Adam needed to function completely in his role! Many women do not understand this hence they reduce themselves to mere ego massagers and treat their husbands like their sons. 

Your role as a wife is to be a partner! And I mean that in every sense of the word. A partner is not necessarily a "yes man"; a partner is someone who understands the vision, knows the purpose and is working towards it. This means when a husband is about to make a mistake, a wife has a right to speak up! It is a partnership for a reason- to ensure that when one person is heading toward the ditch, the other person can steer the carriage away from danger. Don't be the wife who believes in letting her husband make all the decisions even when he is steering you both to destruction! Your opinion matters a lot, and if it's not being valued, you know you are not married to a leader but to a 'master'. 

A wife is a leader in her own right. The greatest leaders are not those who tell everyone what to do; they are those who show everyone how it's done, and are willing to serve their team mates. Submission has been taken out of context to the extent that many women simply believe in playing mute and acting like they have no willpower of their own. they can't make decisions and have no authority over the affairs of the home. You're probably frowning at the word 'authority'. As a partner in the business of marriage, you have a God-given authority in your home. Your authority is not to oppress or suppress your husband, but to connect with him! Stop acting like you have suddenly lost your sense of direction because you're married. You have the authority and leadership ability to set an example for your children. 

A wife prays and protects! Not just herself but her husband and her children too! Nothing can conquer a praying wife. But again, the foundation of protection must be the partnership of the marriage. A wife must protect her husband like he protects her, and she must pray for him like he prays for her. It's your God-given authority to declare blessings over your husband and your children every single day

A wife creates a home out of a house! This is not a gender role; this is mostly because many men could not be bothered much if they had patio furniture in the living room. But it's not just furniture that makes a house a home. It's the warmth and cosy-ness of it! A wife creates a happy environment, a calm environment and a homely feel. Don't be the wife that offloads all the problems of the day on her husband at the door. He's probably just as stressed as you are, especially if you are both working. Let your home be a haven of escape for your family- a place where no one wants to leave because they are just so content being there. 

Being a wife is not about keeping silent, or leaving yourself to be controlled. Just as a man is the head, a woman is the neck that turns the head. A woman is just as important and should never take her role with a pinch of salt, or abandon her roles to satisfy the needs of a man who doesn't understand the purpose of a wife. As a wife, you're your husband's most important partner; be sure to tap into your position and maximize the beauty of your marriage. XOXO


  1. Great perspective about women's role in marriage. A very balanced approach. Me likey.


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