Thursday, August 13, 2015

It Is The Simple Things That Count...

It is so easy to get used to some things that we consider basic that we forget to be thankful. I learnt that lesson over again recently.

My phone screen got broken twice within a short period, making it the third time in three months. My brother gave me a less expensive but functional one to use for a while but it also got broken. By some luck, I could still see half of what was on the screen, so I taught myself to guess what could be contained in the blurred portion of the half blurred screen.
 The frequency with which the screens got damaged frustrated me and I was even more irritated at the amount of money I have had to spend repairing the phone that I decided not to fix either of the phones for a while. Making calls and typing messages became such a big deal that made me realize I had to fix one of the phones for sanity sake.  So, I decided to fix the less expensive one that I wasn’t so psyched about. Surprisingly, I was very delighted after the phone was fixed because the short period of having that terrible screen made me very thankful and appreciative of simple features like typing a text message or seeing the caller ID of whoever called me.

When we get things in abundance, it is easy for us to get so used to it that we forget to be grateful. Like in our marriages, women naturally assume it is a man’s place to provide for his family forgetting that there are a million men out there that are not stepping up to their responsibilities. So we stretch our hands and demand for what we have conditioned ourselves to believe is our right( I am not saying it is not your right) and many times we don’t even say thank you or acknowledge the thoughts that go behind each lovely gesture.

Men also forget that homemaking is no joke and they take for granted most sacrifice their wives make.

We are all just guilty of getting so familiar with all these roles that we forget the sacrifice each person makes and sometimes we need a shake up like my broken phone screen to understand nothing ought to be taken for granted.

Always remember to appreciate your spouse for every ‘seemingly’ little contribution they make. Many arguments stem from a feeling of underappreciation. 

Say 'thank you' , give him a thankful hug, squeeze her hands to show you understand and care. Just dont forget that it is always these little simple things that counts.


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