Monday, January 13, 2014

Are you putting God in a box?

"Where do you see yourself in five years?" That was the question that made my throat dry and made mne request a glass of water I would not have needed if I had rehearsed my answer countless times. I wondered what I ought to say...."in the COO's chair? which was my five year dream, the CEO? which i hoped to make in eight years? Regional manager? departmental manager? group manager? In my head, I quickly thought of what I believed would be most possible according to my logical deductions and settled for the 'lowliest' possible position. I put God in a match box.

Sadly, I didn't realize it until I attended church yesterday and the pastor shared the story of  a man who had responded to the same question with the answer "the CEO's chair" and well, he made it to the CEO's chair in time.

How often do we do that? Put God in a tiny box and believe He's just someone we can go to when all else has failed? When we speak, do we speak in faith? I remember saying to a pastor at my church; "I hope I get what I am praying for." He smiled at me and said "Stop 'hoping', decree that you have it! Do you not know the power God has given you just because you believe in Him?"

Are you the type that hopes but at the same time tries to get things done on your own because you feel God's hands are too small to carry your burden? or are you the type that prays hard for that dream job but at the interview, you fret like you are about to face a firing squad and you quickly say "God, i won't mind if that other company will just accept for that position that is ten spaces below what i'm worth? Have you forgotten what our dear Lord Jesus said to his disciples when they said "increase our faith!" he told them how faith as small as a mustard seed could do wonders! (Luke 17:5-7).

Which box have you put God in? the "He is able to do all things" box? "the "He is able to do some things when I've done 50% of the work" box? Or is it the 'non-existent' box because you believe all that you have is due to your hard work?

Don't put the almighty God who made heaven and earth in a box! he is 'un-boxable'. With all our knowlegde and logical deductions, we can't explain him, we can't characterise him, he is not a mammal we study in the laboratory. He is God! He has time in his hands; the earth and all that's in it belong to him (Psalm 24:1). How can such a God fail to supply all you need when everything belongs to Him? It is totally impossible. throw all your boxes away and have 100% faith. All that you aspire for is within your reach as God's child. The birds of the sky do not labour- they don't plant or harvest, yet they eat everyday. How much more you, created in his image? Stop putting God in a box. No matter how impossible it may seem, practise 100% faith. our God is still in the business of miracles! 


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