Friday, January 24, 2014

Sexual Responsibilities In Marriages

Sex is a delicate subject to approach and people tend to walk on eggs around it during discussions. It is a very vital part of a marriage and thus should be paid proper attention. The bible affirms the importance of sex in marriages when in his letter to the people of Corinthians, Apostle Paul said the wife has no power of her own body neither does the husband have power of his own body. This means that the husband cannot deny his wife of sex and same also applies to the wife.

 Sexual preference varies from one person to the other. Preference in this context is used to describe what and how an individual enjoys having sex. Bearing this in mind, all cards need to be laid on the table between husbands and wives. The husband should keep his wife satisfied and the wife should do the same too. This is the first form of sexual responsibility in marriages. To achieve this, communication is key. Couples should discuss among themselves what works and what doesn’t work. The woman also has to bear in mind that sex is not a weapon she uses on her husband. It is wrong to use sex to manipulate one’s partner. I know people that think oral sex is dirty and I wonder what will happen if their partners enjoy it. I agree some sexual practises are very controversial but in whatever situation you find yourself, make sure you discuss with your partner and find a place in the middle to meet. Partners with dissatisfied sex lives tend to cheat more.

This brings me to CONTROL which is another form of sexual responsibility. Couples need to respect the matrimonial union by not having any form of sexual encounter with anyone else outside the marriage.  Adultery is not just a betrayal to one’s partner but it is also a great sin. Nothing can excuse infidelity. Faithfulness is the key to having a healthy relationship. If there is any issue, talk about it as earlier discussed. See a counsellor if you have to. Pray to God for control.

Couples need to appreciate the importance of planning. Family planning is also a form of sexual responsibility. Pregnancy is the natural result of sex and while it is a beautiful thing, there are situations when it can be viewed as unwanted even when it is between married couples. This could be because of other commitments such as growing a business or going back to school or could simply be because of money constraints. Abortion is not a choice because going by the bible, a foetus is human   ‘...Before I formed you in the womb I knew you and before you were born I consecrated you...’ Killing a foetus will mean killing another human. To avoid unwanted pregnancies, family planning should be adequately discussed between couples; the issue of how many kids they want to have and how to space them. There are a number of measures that can be taken. See your doctor to know the one that best suits you.

Always bear in mind that sex comes with its consequences and in order to have a healthy marriage, sexual responsibility is crucial.

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