Monday, January 20, 2014

Wives Are Not Synonymous To Maids

I listened as a friend shared with me the story of her dad that cannot eat stew unless it is made from stone grounded pepper. I also know of another man that remembers he would love a meal of homemade moin moin and pap in the middle of the night when every other person is preparing to sleep. If you have got some time, I could tell you of a man who nags his wife for meals after ten minutes of making his demands. See, I can go on and on about what I have termed unfair demands of ‘some’ husbands and it doesn’t stop with preparation of food alone.

I find myself asking (whoever resides in my head) whose world it is anyway. I used to be very quick to tell anyone that wanted to hear about all my equality ideas (trust me; I have a load of fancy ones). You can imagine my excitement when I saw the video of those two men that were made to feel labour pains. I am not about to delve into the issue of the battle of the sexes but I’ll love to highlight some points that we sometimes overlook. Going through that post on the wife that DOESN'T WORK further fuelled the need for me to write on the imbalance that has plagued our society.

One would naturally want to know who the more superior of the two sexes is. That can be argued from both ends but this is not a post championing the cause of either of the two sides. Going by the bible, a woman and a man are both created in God’s image but when one reads further into chapter 3 of the book of Genesis, it can be said that sin changed that and it was stated that ‘...Your desire shall be for your husband and he shall rule over you’. 

I am not going to trivialise the role of a man as the leader of the household but I would love to mention that it is written that a wife should be submissive and ‘...Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her, that he might sanctify her, having cleansed her by the washing of water with the word’.

A woman’s position in the home is very special and important. There is nothing wrong with a man asserting his position but he has to bear in mind that a woman has blood flowing in her veins just like he does, he should love his wife deeply like the bible instructed. in loving his wife, he would be able to recognise the roles that need to be played. Being a woman doesn’t guarantee access to a larger flow of energy and life, a wife is in no way synonymous to a maid. A woman should be appreciated for her contribution towards the building of a beautiful home. We all know that marriage is about sacrifices and husbands need to respect their wives’ commission to be a help who is always there to serve and love her husband and kids. No chore has a woman’s name on it; men should be ready to help whenever necessary.

A woman’s place in the family goes far above the chores and should not be downplayed to mean that alone.

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