Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Five types of men single women should avoid

It is very important for single women to be able to discern the kinds of men around them in order to know where to draw the line. Some women get caught unawares because they don't know the kind of guy they are dealing with until he pulls a weird stunt on them.

I did some research from my experience archives and from those of my friends and I have made a list of five types of men you should not take seriously.
  • The jumper: This is a man that meets you today and ten minutes into the conversation, tells you he is madly in love with you. While that may sound romantic in hollywood movies, it is super-creepy in real life. The jumper doesn't understand boundaries; he doesn't understand the lines between acquaintance, friend, boyfriend and fiance. No matter what you tell him to put him off, he keeps blurring the lines and gets upset when you don't reciprocate. he doesn't give you time to even get to know his last name. If he has your number, he will send you all the love poems in the world 24 hours after meeting you. Beware, the jumper is after something and 'something could be anything perhaps even an idiotic urge to satisfy his ego. RUN from this man! He can go from romantic to aggressive in the twinkle of an eye. and he has great tendencies to be a stalker. *singing... I got a feeling, somebody's watching me* 

  • The public avoider: This is a man that NEVER wants to go on a date! The excuse "babe, I am just an indoor type of person" is right at the tip of his tongue. The public avoider can spend hours indoors with you but none of his friends will know where he is; if your friends call you to say they are coming to hang out, your public avoider will quickly come up with an excuse about the ghastly accident his cat had and vanish into thin air. Any attempt to get him to meet you for breakfast or a milkshake will be met with a long explanation about how busy he is followed by him crawling into his shell for weeks. Ladies, he simply wants to hit and run. Once he gets the cookie out of the jar, you'll never see a strand of his hair or his toe nail at your doorstep again....well, until he gets bored. 
  • The under-achiever: This is a man that is content with sitting back while you break your back. He is the kind of guy that will tell you all about his potential but will never get started on achieving his goals. I know it is very common for people to say "Go for a guy that has potential." Forgive me, potential is not enough! he has to take steps to make things happen. Everyone in the world has potential. Every single person! It's our actions that differentiate us. Don't waste your time listening to how he can become the next David Guetta, the next Michael Jordan or Donald Trump. Make sure he is showing you that he is already going about it. Don't walk into the 'potential' trap. Beware, the under-achiever may first start out as a jumper! 
  • The over-achiever: Too much of everything is bad, and that goes for ambition too. the over-achiever is mostly an annoying man so you probably won't like him but just in case, here's what he is like. He never lets things go even when they are trivial. He wants you to act a certain way, dress a certain way, have a certain kind of personality...forget about your heaven-given personality, the over-achiever needs you to fit in with all his trophies because that's all you are to him- another achievement. The over-achiever is also self-absorbed and if you are not on board with his routine, you can talk while you walk girl. He also has the features of 'the owner'. 
  • The Owner: The owner is someone I have met many times and given my slightly stubborn nature, he had to run away from me! *big grin* The owner is usually mistaken to be sweet and jealous in a 'loving' way and it takes some time for women to realize that the owner is a sick man that hates to lose control over anything...including you. He is possessive and the type that will ask to speak to your friends if you tell him you're hanging out just to make sure they are female friends. He is the type that asks you to move in after dating for two weeks! It's not because he is madly in love with you, it's because he wants to keep an eye on you! The owner doesn't give you space, nor does he give you the freedom to do what you want. As your owner, when he says "sit!" you better do it with your tail wagging. 
Be careful out there ladies. xoxo.

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