Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Are You Heading to Tarshish?

 At some point in our lives, we reach crossroads that send us into pondering modes; we wonder if we have been living our lives the best way, we ask if we have been handsomely rewarded for the good decisions we made or if we are just another match in a match box. What is it about doing things God's way that is so enticing? So many christians still face tribulations, so many face trials...yet they remain steadfast in faith, something must be wrong with them! So we decide to do things our way; afterall, so many people living in sin seem to get away with every wrong doing they dabble in- they scam people, tell lies, make loads of money and still live the good life. Is serving God truly worth it? 

Beware of these thoughts! Because, like Jonah, they are about to send you on a voyage you did not envisage for yourself. Jonah's story is mainly about his disobedience, but there is also the fact that he turned away from God and tried to do things his way! Like Jonah, when we hatch a plan to do things that are opposite to God's will, everything seems to be smooth sailing and perfect at first. When Jonah decided he was heading to Tarshish which was even farther in the opposite direction from Nineveh, he bought a ticket, boarded a boat and was enjoying the ride....until the storm came, and all his plans were dashed!

Let's bear in mind that turning from God can have grave consequences on how our lives turn out. God is all-seeing and all-knowing, all he needs is for us to trust him and believe he will see us through every situation. Satan on the other hand provides a quick get-away from our troubles. In other words, he provides a boat to Tarshish and makes sure there is room for one more passenger so you can get onboard. The gifts of satan come quickly but there is hell to pay, literally! I remember a man I knew for a few years who lied to get through life. He lied to make money, lied to get jobs, lied, lied and lied, harming so many people in the process, yet living the good life. His day of reckoning came in one of his brand new expensive cars which was involved in an accident and burnt beyond recognition. I hoped when I heard the news that his last words were to seek forgiveness and salvation.

God can take care of all your needs, don't turn away from him! Don't get on satan's boat to 'freedom'. God's gifts are free. Satan on the other hand, never offers free lunch. Turn back to God now. He is waiting for you, arms outstretched and wide open! Be blessed XOXO

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