Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Learn to Embrace Who You Are Not!

We live in a society that highlights the need to be strong at all times, to never break down and above all, to never show our weaknesses, else we may be pounced upon and taken advantage of. In our bid to hide our weaknesses, we concentrate on them and abandon our strengths. Society says analytical thinkers are the best people, so we all want to think analytically. Society says being skinny and tall is the ideal look so we all starve ourselves, and some of us go in search of bone elongating medicine (that is not a joke; a petite friend of mine was really bothered that science had not gone that far). And of course, there is the perception that fair complexions are more beautiful so we go in search of whitening creams and serums.

What is it with this new treand of being and embracing someone else? We spend so much time working on our weaknesses, we do not improve our strengths. Some of us are not even criticised by society; we simply look in the mirror and highlight every weakness we can see. We self-abuse and then go in search of ways to project the image of perfection. We now live in times where we believe being ourselves is not good enough, we need to be someone else in order to be accepted.

It is ok to accept who you are not and live with it! I mean seriously, when  did the term 'uniqueness' start to lose value? As much as many of us claim to be unique, we are actually projecting someone else's uniqueness to the public. Have you noticed that happy people find it easy to admit their weaknesses, while those who are not willing to accept their weaknesses are often burnt out at school and  in the workplace? It is ok to not be an analytical person or a strategic thinker. It is ok to enjoy doing things that career driven individuals may look down on. It is ok to not be light skinned (I really don't consider a person's complexion as a weakness, but seeing as many people are on a skin bleaching spree, I can only assume it is truly a problem). It is ok to be a certain figure, as long as you are healthy. The size of a person's body isnot necessarily proportional to how healthy that person is. It is ok to be that person that doesn't understand a certain concept- that's why you have other people in teams to help you. It is ok to not be an eager beaver, it doesn't mean you take things less seriously. Be yourself and be aware of who you're not. Accept who you're not- this is one of the few secrets to happiness. Embrace your imperfections- they contribute to the unique you!


  1. You must have been in my mind... Now, i have to change my post :) .... Spot on... Thanks for sharing...

  2. lol. Fisayo..great minds think alike!


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