Friday, July 4, 2014

Beware of Mr. Desperate!!!

It is general knowledge that women are the ones that get desperate for marriage at a certain age. well, guess what I uncovered? There are many desperate men out there too! Some of them have jumper tendencies (for the definition of a jumper, check out my post of men single women should avoid here....... Five Types of Men You Should Avoid) while the rest have very subtle qualities that won't set off any alarm bells in your head. Whether you like to believe it or not, Mr. Desperate is out there somewhere, waiting to pounce on whoever would give him a teeny tiny bit of attention.

I have met many men that are keen on the path of desperation! They tell you from the first minute..." I just want someone I can call my own". Now that may not sound wrong when you hear it the first time but then watch out for the speed with which they move in on any lady that seems to fit the bill.

The problem with Mr. desperate is that he wants someone, anyone! It doesn't matter if she has three legs or a tail, as long as she's willing to pay him attention, he's good and ready to pounce. Mr desperate has no clear indication of what he wants in a woman. He lurks around several women until one of them fall for his devices; he never chases just one woman!

Mr desperate is the man that tells you he loves you and if you act a bit skirmish, trust he is sending the exact same message to the next girl on his list. It is really about trial and error for him. When Mr. desperate feels you are not into him as he hoped you'll be, he is ready to go after your best friend if she winks in his direction. Mr desperate is after you because he loves you, he is after you because he needs someone to make him happy. It is about him and how lonely he is; any nice girl will do.

Run!!! from Mr. desperate! If he gets you, he can become extremely possessive and 'all up in your face'. Mr. desperate is usually a nice guy that will go out of his way to show you he wants you in his life BUT the question is does he want you or does he want a woman? There is a big difference! Mr desperate feels the foundation of friendship is a tad too burdensome and will start to introduce you as his girlfriend even before you know if you want to be with him. Mr desperate is on a mission- to find someone he can call his own, not necessarily someone he can love. 




  1. So true. I actually knew one. Of course I said no!!! He marked every trait you described. The fear of getting older and keeping up with his's all about him not you. Great post Demi!

  2. Thank you dear! I am glad you stood your ground!


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