Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Lessons From Life About Love

I am here thinking this friend of mine has deserted me but I just got greeted with the shocker of my life. I must confess I am ashamed of my thoughts.

See, we are not the closest of friends but we have a good enough relationship that makes us to check up on each other every other week and it’s been months since the last time we spoke. God knows I wonder about her atimes but my pride wouldn't let me reach out. I thought she owed me a call or a text message at least to find out how I was doing. I planned to allow the silence linger for a while just to prove to her that relationships are nurtured and that everyone loves to feel relevant and important.

My phone got missing and I lost her number but I was still surprised she never even called once to find out why my phone was unavailable for a while.

A call came in yesterday and the number looked really familiar; I figured it was probably one of the contacts I lost, turned out I was right. My hello was greeted with a familiar voice, it was my friend on the other end and I was quick to give her a piece of my mind. I berated her on her uncaring attitude and told her in plain words that she really messed up . I noticed I was the only one speaking so I paused for her to reply or explain herself.

I could hear her breathe in and out over the phone like she was trying to gather her thoughts before she replied me. “I lost my sister” was her reply. Cold sweat broke on my face, I couldn't believe it. I didn't know how to act or what to say, I was just stunned beyond words. I felt so stupid.

How could I have been so self involved that I never thought she could be dealing with her own personal issues? How do I start to reconcile all the judgment I passed on her about her non-challance with all the pain she has been passing through trying to cope with the loss. I bet she thinks of me as very selfish and uncaring, probably also wondering why I never reached out.

The lesson I learnt from this is; love needs to be unconditional. Whenever we give, receiving shouldn't be the motive. Everything is not a game that needs to be guided by some specific kind of rules. Treat everyone with love and love with no holds back. Don’t judge based on your myopic opinion of what things ought to be because everyone’s situation is not the same.

Above all, always remember Jesus loved us even when we didn't deserve it. He should always be our inspiration.

Make that call or send that mail now, relationships get crushed because of egos. Lay it aside and do the right thing.

May God be with you.

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  1. *sad smile* Thank you for wrapping this message up into a beautiful piece. I really do hope others read and appreciate the importance of reaching out, of mending fences and doing good. Rest beautifully Sharon Praise Arowolo! I wasn't on earth in the lifetime of Muhammed neither was I here during the lifetime of Jesus but Sharon is a 24year old who accomplished so much with a gentle voice, a large heart and a strong mind. Just do good deeds guys, its all that will speak for you in the end anyway


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