Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Finding Peace by Making Peace

I have become quite addicted to a particular photo blog I discovered about seventy two hours ago. Looking at the faces of the different people and their stories just further affirmed my thoughts that we are more similar as humans than we agree. Everybody has a story and everyone just needs someone to care enough to share or live their stories with. I realize that we crave acceptance which translates into happiness for us all and that informs most of our choices.

We measure ourselves against a worldly standard and condemn ourselves for not adding up to the expectations of those around us. The complexities of the world are those created in our choices of achieving that common goal of happiness. These choices of ours might not be popular ones because we all go about achieving our goals in different ways. The concern for another is very secondary and the love and satisfaction of self makes life seem difficult.

Some have been blessed with the wisdom to understand that most of the things we clamour for are nothing compared to being able to discover inner peace. And that nothing leaves a great legacy like the ability to radiate the brightness, peace and love a person feels to one’s neighbours and surroundings. The understanding that we can rule the world, if only we can understand and submit to the person that is really in control of things, is something we all need to come to. Our struggles to live through everyday trying to balance all the odds will be better defined and reduced when we are able to be in tune with our inner man. The ones that have discovered this secret are the ones this world has been given to. They are the meek the bible spoke about.

I was privileged to meet one of such people, our meeting was a short one and it was just a couple of times, she is dead now; but I remember her like I have known her all my life . Her calmness and her gentility helped keep things in perspective. Life is not running away, we can only live it a day at a time. Worries are a human phenomenon but time has proven to us over and over again that what we worry or worried about is nothing.

It is much easier to move forward in life soon as we realize we are not in control of things. There is a greater power that controls us all and the inability to set the right priorities lies at the crux of most of our regrets. To live a fulfilling life, we need to understand what really matters is our submission to the one that is in control who is God Almighty. We need to make peace with Him in order to be at peace with ourselves and the world. The message of love can never get stale. When it is all said and done the real wealth is measured by how many lives we are able to touch. In the joy of many, lies the individual joy.

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