Thursday, July 3, 2014

Are You Stuck and Stagnant?

There are times in life when we feel stuck and stagnant like our lives aren't heading anywhere. In this phase of our lives we tend to welcome despondency and disappointment because we believe we have done everything right. We look around us and see less-deserving people attain the joys we've been aspiring for and this causes us to slip into a depressive state. Where is God in all of this? Why do the same things keep happening to me? Why am I stuck? What about all the great promises God made to me?

Last night I met with a very close friend I hadn't seen for about three years. We were speaking when God dropped something in my heart- God can show you where he's taking you but he'll never show you how to get there. If he did, what on earth would you need him for? Secondly, many of us are stuck in the same phase because we are blind! It's not blindness that we are aware of; we are blind spiritually to see what God is trying to tell us. Some of us have Job moments, while the rest of us go through life like Joseph. God takes us through meandering journeys to our success not just so we can have stories to tell other people but so we can learn lessons from those difficult journeys. 

My friend was at the Joyce Meyer life conference in Namibia, and she shared something Joyce Meyer said that struck my heart- "In God's school, you don't fail any tests. You simply take the test over and over until the message sinks in". That was definitely an eye opener for me!

If you are stuck, are you paying attention to the lesson God is trying to teach you in that phase or are you letting the devil tactically burden you with depression, complacency and a lackadaisical attitude towards your life? My friend said when she finds herself stuck in a phase for long, she prays to God to open her eyes to see the lesson she's being taught. Are you stuck or stagnant? You should do the same!

In the lives of many youths today, there is stagnancy. Our generation is facing more difficult economic times than previous generations. It is not by accident; God has great plans for us. Let's pray that we see what He's trying to teach us so we can turn the world around! Read and share this post on your social networks! Xoxo

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