Tuesday, December 30, 2014

As We Approach The New Year..

 It is hard not to reflect on all what one has achieved or not achieved about this time of the year. Even when we are in denial, we subconsciously measure our lives in money and wealth’s worth. As humans we are propelled by an insatiable urge of competition and we have different scales by which we rate ourselves. If we all knew exactly what life holds for us, perhaps, we all won’t waste time chasing aimlessly after things that don’t matter.
I am one of the lots but I try consciously to remind myself I am not my own. I have goals ranging from spiritual to physical, Have I achieved them all? Well, not really but I am very grateful for where I am and for the gift of hope. The ability to know that after the sun sets, there is going to be another morning.

This year is not the last there is for me nor is it the last for you. God has a great plan for our lives that is not necessarily tailored to fit our desires but will be just perfect for us. I am hopeful because I know God’s thoughts about me are strictly of great things and everything that happens is for me to reach that expected beautiful end.

So, don’t despair, don’t beat yourself up over what you don’t have, there is so much to be thankful for my dear. Enter the New Year with a great positive vibe.

See you on the other side.


Photo Credit:www.telegraph.co.uk

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