Friday, December 19, 2014

Don't Pretend, Be Yourself!

I find pretence rather exhausting! How some people manage to keep up with it still baffles me. Sometimes I wish I had their zeal to carry on, memory to remember what to do and what not to do in front of their 'victims' and the imagination they put to use to create their alternate characters- my writing would be so much better if I had a combination of all these attributes.

Pretending to be who you're not as a single person might be a little forgivable. When you're in a relationship and still presenting a facade to your partner, then it is safe to conclude that you have attained the greatest height of immaturity known to man. Go any further, and you'll exceed the limit.

I recently read a post about things people shouldn't do in front of their partners- don't trim your nose hair in front of your spouse, don't fart in front of your spouse (whether you are male or female), don't wear hair nets to bed, don't sneeze next to your partner, don't do 'the number 2' while your partner is in the next room, wait for him or her to leave....the list goes on, and I'm just like "HUH?!"

How long is that supposed to go on for? Is pretence now a norm that will defy natural human occurrences? What happens if you really need to take a dump in the toilet and your partner is at home? Will you push it back into your intestines, hold your sneeze, leave your nose hair till it's so long you can braid it? Some people even pretend they hardly eat. To what end?

Relationships are supposed to be exhibitions of true love, characterized by true expressions of who both parties are. Pretending to not do certain natural things like farting and sneezing is not a guarantee that your relationship will last any longer or be more sophisticated. If anything at all, it is a sign that you and probably your partner are so immature, your relationship is based on lies. Some people go beyond defying natural human occurrences to lying about their travels (which are sometimes non-existent), their families and even their network of friends. How they manage to keep up with these lies is still beyond me.

Quit pretending and accept who you are! It is effortless, liberating and means you will have more time to dedicate to more important things. Besides, it will create realistic expectations from your partner where you are concerned, and will help you grow into who you really are. There's nothing more fun and endearing than being yourself around your partner!


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