Thursday, December 4, 2014

Sowing Seeds (Lesson learnt from Chaz B)

Most times these days I feel like I am going to be drowned in the pool of words I might never get out because time seem not to stop for me to pen it down.When the light goes off, I get in my head and ask myself what I would want to be remembered by. Life has become so fast paced that having those little solo moments have become quite a luxury. Can you believe we are in December already? When did we just say Happy Val's Day(Y'all know I love Love :) ).
Thing is when we race through life on this equally fast momentum, we miss out on the little things that add up together to make us a whole.we miss out on the things taht live after us. Our life becomes unrecognizable like we are living for somebody else. We are overwhelmed with deadlines, bills , job changes and so on. We owe ourselves that ability to press pause sometimes and just reflect. Ask yourself, what would I want to be remembered by ?

I noticed that there are not too many hands that come up during altar calls anymore. Going by how many people that claim they are Christians , one would wonder while there is still so much hate,corruption and the likes. Don't get me wrong, I am just trying to paint the picture that with the large number of Christians we have around,our impact ought to be felt more by the world than it  is being felt.

 I stumbled on Chaz B's radio program during one of my long evening shuttle back home from work. The traffic was hopeless and I had grown tired of every track on my mobile device. Most stations had programs that made me believe there might be a huge conspiracy to consciously fill the world with junk. I was about giving up when a rich male voice stunned my ears and stopped me in my search. It was an elderly male voice and the topic up for discourse was relationships generally.
As I listened to different people call in,  A particular caller caught my attention, not because of the peculiarity of his situation but more for how Chaz B handled it. He was calling in to get advice on his dilemma . He was dating a girl that got pregnant but wasn't sure if d pregnancy was for him or some other guy. The girl aborted the pregnancy and severed the relationship between herself and the guy. The guy stated further that he couldn't carry on without her and wanted to know what to do to get her back in his life. Like a father trying to make sense of his child's situation, I listened as Chaz B analysed how abortion messes with a woman's psychological health and that what the girl needed was a friend and not a lover. Someone that could help her from that place of guilt and lead her towards hope. Then the tone of his voice changed and he sounded even more fatherly,I imagined if the caller were in the studio with him,he would hold his hands. He told the caller in a deeply concerned voice that he needed to seek Jesus and be saved and he needed to help the girl find peace in Jesus too.
The caller's response was very positive. He sounded eager and ready to change.
I found out in subsequent weeks that it was Chaz B's way of handling issues.

In a world where people are conscious of being referred to as cool when they dissociate themselves from faith, it's refreshing to see someone who damned the consequences and stood for what and who he believed in. He understood the influence he had and he used that opportunity to touch many lives .
Lesson from that day for me was that we are ministers of Christ in our day to day lives. Wherever we find ourselves,we ought to use that avenue to propagate the gospel. The lives we touch(ed) are like seeds sown. That is why we are here. Your audience might not be millions of people,your voice might not sound so sweet but you can start from somewhere. Your parents perhaps or even your domestic staff .

There is still work to done.

God bless.

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