Saturday, December 6, 2014

Happiness Is a Personal Responsibility

Happiness... a feeling many of us long for but are unable to attain. Happiness is a feeling many of us try to define but we struggle to find the right words. We try hard to find things that represent happiness, yet we find ourselves falling short of achieving that ecstatic feeling. We look at other people who seem to be happy and try to measure our happiness against theirs, and in many cases we find ourselves falling short.  Sometimes we find ourselves better and that fuels our happiness, but recently, I've had to ask myself "are we really happy?"
These days, many of us measure happiness by the amount of assets and financial freedom we possess. Don't get me wrong, this is not to say those things do not contribute to happiness, but are they the only factors we need to make us happy? Is happiness simply about living in a fancy apartment, having the best cars and having the perfect family picture? I think not. I recently discovered, having read a few surveys online about measurements of happiness, that most people in spite of attaining 'great heights' and achieving what society may term as excellent success, are very unhappy. What then is happiness about?
Happiness is being secure in what you have no matter how little it is, waking up every morning with a will to do more for others and for yourself, and with a strong desire to go do whatever makes you happy everyday. Happiness is not necessarily the feeling you get when you acquire the whole world, or conquer the greatest competition. You know you're happy when you wake up in the morning and you can't wait to get to work or even start your day if you work from home. 
That feeling doesn't come by accident. It is your responsibility to go for it and get it! It is up to you to decide on what makes you genuinely happy, what your dreams are, and what you'd like to spend the rest of your life doing. There's nothing that makes anyone happier than waking up to live the life you want every single day. That is a personal responsibility you have to deal with every day. Happiness for someone may be feeding orphaned children in shelters, while for someone else, it may be waking up to write. Whatever the case, take matters into your hands and work hard on attaining true happiness.

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