Wednesday, December 31, 2014

What Are Your Relationship Goals For 2015? Here Are Mine...

The ability to express ourselves has to be one of nature’s greatest gifts to us all. The beauty of the vulnerability when in love is another of nature’s awesomeness. Being able to understand that one;s happiness is connected to another is a great wisdom to acquire.

It is hard not to make reference to this time of the year when writing any of my posts because this period means a lot. It is that period of deep reflection. I know many people have long lists of new don’ts and dos that will probably not make it past the first week of January but like they say there is no harm in trying.

My list is always written in sections and arranged according to priorities. I like to be able to count my blessings literally and sometimes pat myself on the back for being so disciplined. I digress (forgive my self-adulation).

Goals are important because they keep you conscious of what the desired end is and they act as the scale to measure one's achievements by.I have money goals, business goals, spiritual goals, health goals, relationship goals and added to that list is parental goals. I am teaching myself to observe more caution and patience in dealing with my toddler and God knows I can’t do that on my own. I need the Lord on my side for all these goals I have set. 

Interestingly, my relationship goals are formed from lessons learnt in the past year and I am going to share them with you now.

·         I hope to love with no holds back and invest my trust totally in my husband. I must confess in the past year I might have been guilty of over thinking some things but I learnt logic is not a great company to have at all times. Things don’t necessarily need to follow a certain path for them to be right. After all, 1+1=2 and so is 0+2.

·         I hope to always remember that happiness is collective. Individual happiness’s great but you will agree with me when I say individual happiness can be very selfish. I learnt to see pass my own happiness and invest in the common happiness of my family because I discovered in this common happiness, I could still find individual happiness. I will be happy having an undisturbed long night sleep but happier to know my daughter is able to do the same. I am not a big eater and I could really just lay down through the kitchen time but I feel delighted seeing the satisfied look on my husband’s face whenever he eats that I forget how tired I might have been. 

·         I hope to maintain a balanced life. While working tirelessly to invest in the common happiness of the family. I hope to remember I am also important. Some ‘me’ time will do us all a lot of good in order not to live a frustrated and depressed life. Closely attached to this goal is the need for me to remain the 'girl' my husband fell in love with. I hope to spice up things once in a while just to keep our relationship fresh. All in all I hope to maintain a decent balance.

I have some other goals attached to these ones but these are my ultimate relationship goals. I hope to read yours too.
Happy New Year In Advance beautiful people.

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