Saturday, December 27, 2014

Spread The Love Pass The Family Lines,Take It Across Roads and Over The Seas

One can’t ignore the excitement and goodness that characterizes this time of the year. It feels like every problem has evaporated. I wish I can have this period on pause and get genuine smiles and wishes from strangers every time I walk on the street. Can you believe I was going to buy some stuffs at a store and the man by the door advised me to come back in two days’ time because there will be better deals by then J .
To further grace this period, the sun seem to take on a new glow and I can’t but marvel at the beauty of the clear blue skies. Kids run around showing off their gifts and overdosing on their share of all round sweetness and sometimes one sees the sacrificing and satisfied parent joyfully trotting behind them. Don’t you just love the Christmas and New Year’s celebrations?

For a moment, it was easy to pretend that this is the paradise the bible talked about. But as I got back in the house and turned on the TV, the reality of some other people dawned on me. We are indeed privileged to have the life we have, not everyone is so blessed.
While it is good to be thankful for what we have, kindly remember the ones that are not so privileged. Remember the displaced people of the North Eastern part of Nigeria, Syria, Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan and every other under privileged people in the world.

Pray for them to keep hope alive and send in donations however small. Bless someone from what you have and let the joy and love go round. Don’t let this Christmas celebration be about you and family alone, let someone faraway be happy for the gift they never thought they could have.

You are blessed, be a blessing.

Happy New Year in advance.

N.B: There are a number of NGOs that are working tirelessly to make life better for these victims of circumstances. If you want to donate anything at all, and you don’t know of any NGO around kindly locate your local Red Cross Society  or go through your local church.


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