Thursday, December 25, 2014

I Love Christmas!

I LOVE Christmas! Not only because I get to eat free food from all corners, or because of the beautiful carols that fill the air wherever I go. I love Christmas, not only because of all the valuable items that go on sale at this time of the year or because of the gifts that pour in even from friends I hardly kept in touch with.

I love Christmas because it reminds me the year is winding down; companies close for the year, people pack up their bags and go home to visit family, and really, everyone simply falls into a laid back mode to enjoy the day Christ was born- the day hope was reborn for our sinful world. I love Christmas because I get to reflect about the year, not in anxiety or sadness, but rather in gratitude and anticipation of what's to come.

Many may say Christmas is just another day; some may even point out the 25th of December is not the actual date Christ was born. Never mind that! There is something about this season that brings with it calm and happiness! This is a season to be joyful, to reconnect with the reason God sent Christ to the world- to redeem us from sin, provide us with access to the holy spirit, and to teach us lessons to guide us as humans. Christmas doesn't just signify another birthday, it signifies the birth of hope, the birth of freedom- freedom from the law, and a big welcome to God's throne of grace. Even if things seem to be going downhill fast, take this season as the birth of hope, and a reminder of God's love for humanity- you and I included!

I'm off to play "hark the herald angels sing" till it's engraved in my neighbours' brains. Merry Christmas everyone! God bless you abundantly this season! XOXO

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