Friday, January 2, 2015

Three Reasons Your Relationship Might Fail

Every relationship has a chance of failing, however there are some efforts we put in ourselves to contribute to the demise of our relationships. Often times, external influences are our role models/major factors that cause us to slowly decapitate an otherwise beautiful relationship. Here are three reasons why your relationship might fail if you are not vigilant.
  • Drama: The fastest way to frustrate your partner and destroy your relationship is to create unnecessary drama. For some reason, some people are so comfortable with creating drama, they revel in it. Without it, they get bored, believe the relationship lacks a certain vava-voom, and generally believe they are hanging with the wrong person. Some people try to emulate the dramatic reality shows they see on TV, believing their relationships ought to have the unnecessary fights, the public display of anger and of course the 'kiss and make up' faction that makes everything seem perfect. Stop the drama, no really, please do. It is unnecessary, exhausting for mature minds and just downright irritating. If you want your relationship to go the distance, stop pulling stories out of thin air, building them up in your head and creating a whole scene around them! If it's from your imagination, it's not worth fighting over!
  • Insecurity: Too many people are insecure - men and women alike. Insecure men try to either control their women or they become wimps that care to her every whim. Insecure women on the other hand, either become victims of emotional and physical abuse, or they try to dominate their men in a bid to make themselves feel better. Insecurities play a very big role in the destruction of relationships, and weird enough, no one is picking up on that! Asking your partner to report his or her every move, going through his or her cellphone to know who they've been texting or chatting with, are all signs that are concurrent with the idea of a self-confessed private investigator, who is too scared to be in a room by himself. Stop the insecurities! So your partner is out with friends, that is no assurance that he or she is cheating! Before the relationship, your partner was an individual with a life filled with work or friends or family, or a combination of all three. That will not change simply because you are in an exclusive relationship. Everyone needs time out with other people every now and then. Take a chill pill!
  • Apathy: Now, this is probably the worst one of all. The development of apathy on any side of a relationship means there is an unshakable lack of concern, emotion, or even enthusiasm. Many people develop apathy in their relationships without realizing it; they stop trying to look good for their partner, they stop going on dates, they stop giving compliments, and generally just assume anything their partner does for them is a right they possess. Apathy is often evident by the lack of appreciation even for little things, the lack of admiration and most importantly, the lack of interest in whatever their partner has to say. Apathy is definitely a dangerous relationship killer, but it can be overcome by making conscious effort to make your partner feel special. This may not be achieved by buying an expensive piece of jewelry; even the little things will help. A sincere compliment every now and then, conversation, and simply just taking note of the little changes in your partner can turn things around for good. Talking, laughing and praying together are the strongest weapons against apathy!
You can save your relationship or marriage if you make the necessary effort. \


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