Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Making A Case For Housewives(A Cry For Appreciation)

I was raised in a business oriented family. My mum worked as hard, scratch that, harder than my dad. I was taught to see the woman as one with an inexplicable reservoir of strength. This lesson wasn't taught consciously but it was what I came to believe watching my mum juggle work, home and social life. She seemed to be larger than life. I never could picture a stay at home mother, my young mind concluded they had to be lazy to be caught up in such situations. It didn't matter that they cleaned all day, prepared food, helped with the children’s homework and a host of other things women are involved in.

Being where I am now, I can say with no shame that my thoughts about this class of women was so ill informed. They are indeed the unsung heroes of this time. They are the ones that have given up on all other dreams just to make sure every other person’s dream in a home is actualized.

Contrary to societal belief, a housewife is a master at some of the greatest tasks most people struggle with. She is a great bookkeeper. Being able to stay within the constraint of a budget is one thing the average housewife has to master. I still try very much to find this balance and half of the time, I almost go mad at making the same mistakes every other time.

One of a woman’s greatest challenges is making food both delicious and delighting. In this part of the world, the dishes are restricted and it takes a lot of creativity to keep one’s husband and children interested in meal times. For me, all I have to worry about is sometimes one meal of the day. I really wonder how the woman that plans three meals everyday does it. It is so commendable but not many people appreciate this.

The housewife is indoors most times deeply vested in house chores. She does or pick up the laundry and many more things. It is a far cry from the life she probably envisioned, one with her ambition of great career success. She loses touch with real situations. Her confidence sometimes become very questionable. She is not sure when to talk or what exactly to talk about. Her life sometimes seem to her unrecognizable but then her husband complains of his meal tasting bland. She can’t understand it. All she asks for is a little recognition of her contribution.

I watched a movie the other day and the man in the movie kept making reference to the fact that his wife had all she wanted and had no reason to be tired, since all she does is just taking care of their three kids and the home. That’s the painful assumption of most men. Most women working and ‘non-working’ feel underappreciated. You’ll do well to take time out and acknowledge the efforts of that woman in your life today.

Being a housewife is a full time job. Trust me, half the stress she feels will be reduced if you appreciate her contributions and sacrifices.

 Photo Credit: istockphoto.com

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