Thursday, January 29, 2015

Dealing With Body Image Issues And Insecurities

I know many women have conversations in their heads with themselves whenever they are looking at a mirror. You wonder at the pimple that is on your upper lip that might ruin a nice pout in a selfie or about the scar on your right leg that makes you feel uncomfortable to flaunt your legs.  Like that is not enough, you move on to ‘deeper’ things like when you touch your nose and hold it down and wish it was slimmer. You press your forehead and imagine what it would be like if it was less protruding. You stare at your figure sucking your tummy in imagining what it would be like if you were to cut a few pounds off or you play dress up wearing butt pads enjoying the image the extra volume reflects.

Then you get some money and you realize your dream body is just a call away, all you need is for you to call that doctor to book an appointment and you can finally fix Nature’s error(s). Who chooses these bodies for us anyway? What is life when you can’t stand to look at yourself naked? You get the breast implants and discover a slimmer waist and a rounder butt will look better on you so the excitement of the new breast implants is very short-lived because the dissatisfaction you feel is still present.

Honey do you still think the happiness you so much desire can be found in these body parts?

I am an advocate of going after whatever brings one happiness.  But happiness is such a fluid concept, one minute it is here and the other minute you can’t seem to find it. The happiest people in the world are not the ones with the least problems, they are the ones that have decided to let go of mundane things.
Go for whatever makes you happy but be sure the pursuit is worth it. What happens if you are ever involved in a fire outbreak or an accident and your body is scarred from that? Or  Do you think a blind woman’s problem is why are bosom is not well rounded?

Forgive my cynicism, I am just saying all these worries about having the perfect face, breasts, butts , waist , legs and whatever are just vanity.

As a teenager, I fought desperately to come to terms with how I looked. In summary, every time I looked in a mirror all I saw was a scrawny boyish budding female that looked nothing like the girl in front of the magazine and therefore I enjoyed fading into the background wherever I found myself. If anyone told me I was beautiful, I thought perhaps they felt the need to say some kind words to me .My mum was such a sweetheart, she always said I looked royal even when the image I saw in the mirror didn’t look like it. It took quite some time to finally feel good about myself and I discovered that all along the problem wasn’t the way I looked, it was my perception of myself.

I watched Jennifer Lopez discuss  her insecurities and I finally concluded it has nothing to do with one's physical attributes. If you feel insecure 'cause of your looks, look deeper to find the reason why, you'd find it has nothing to do with your looks.

Dress well, carry yourself gracefully, life is not that serious, embrace the wrinkles that tell the stories of how long you have been on earth. Ignore the media's image of what a perfect body should look like, you are amazing just the way you are. snobbish nose, bow legs, round face, big lips, small lips, whatever , none describes you.

Live free.



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