Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Fun Things To Do When Single

I have this beautiful friend that inspires me so much. Her happy attitude and smiles are so contagious and it is hard to be my introverted self around her. She looks so at peace with herself that I sometimes wish for such tranquility. She is in the marriageable age now (I wonder why I had to type that. maybe I am just typing like a member of the society might put it) and if there is anything I know it is how much she doesn’t live all her life hanging on that singular fact. I could write thousands of words trying to describe her and her wonderful attitude but then the intention of this post would be lost on you.

I was a serial dater at some point in my life and nothing scared me as much as the feeling of being alone. I probably might have denied it at that point but in retrospect, I know I had a problem. I have as many married friends as I have single ones and if there is any lesson learnt, it is how much I know one’s marital status doesn’t decide one’s happiness.

Being single shouldn’t be seen as a plague. There is so much to life other than that. Marrying another person is not what completes your happiness, it only complements it my dear. So why you are still single, here are some things you could be doing instead of brooding over a situation that is definitely going to change.

Travel honey; if you can afford it, please travel and enjoy the beauty that every new place has. It needs not to be outside the country, you can do inter states. Enjoy trying new foods and courting new friends.

Work Out: Gyms are a nice place to network, asides from that you owe yourself that banging body. Exercising daily makes you healthy and happy from inside out. Instead of getting all bitter and angry, sweat it out love. Enjoy your freedom.

Get more certificates, improve yourself generally. You have the time now before kids and husband start weighing on your time. Get more skills, they might come in handy later.

Be involved in church activities, societal volunteer jobs and the likes. Interacting with different people is great for everyone’s mental health single or married.

Live life and enjoy discovering all the fun things you can do all by yourself. Being single is not a disease. Don't be distracted by all that Facebook and Instagram posts. Bask in the freedom that comes with this period of your life.


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