Thursday, January 22, 2015

4 Types Of Men To Avoid

Falling in love has to be in the class of one of the coolest things in the world. It is so great to have another person’s name constantly ringing in one’s head and having private laughs just remembering how great the times spent together were. This part is no doubt the easiest part of a relationship. It is just the heart alone on a wild selfish exploit. There are no deep thoughts involved, one doesn’t have to deal with the long term (yet).

It gets realer when one needs to take the step to seal things up forever. See, I am a romantic (or I like to think I am) but I think some things are just logical. Falling in love isn’t enough, there are other things to consider. I read of a lady that dumped a guy she already had an introduction ceremony with because she wasn’t sure of his potentials. Five years later, the guy is still struggling. I am not about to mock any one’s struggles but some facts just speak for themselves. Dreams are good but they don’t pay bills and when things get really tough, egos and feelings will be scarred. You don’t want to set yourself up for a miserable life.

Marriage takes some deep thoughts and below is a list of the guys you don’t want to end up with.

·         The dreamer: he has a blueprint of what everything should be in the ideal world. He might even deceive you he has got some potentials but don’t be deceived my love, he will still be on that mode in many years to come. You don’t need a dreamer, you need a doer. Someone that can hold his own and take care of the family. Put on your running shoes and run fast from that man. Forever is a long time.

·         The stingy man: I can’t even explain this because I don’t understand how one can be stingy to whom one loves. I understood the concept of giving and receiving from God premised on that. The ability to give is closely linked to love. Your parents gave up many things just to give you a great life because they love you. God rains blessings upon us because he loves us. Partners exchange gifts because they love themselves. It is a no brainer. Don’t allow yourself make excuses for such person’s behavior. You don’t want to be stuck in such relationship forever. Move while you still can.

·         The selfish man: he is all about himself, he probably thinks he is doing you a favour by proposing to marry you. He can literally choke on his own air of self-importance. There are always telling signs like when he had to go the gym when you were ill at the hospital or when he will rather upgrade his smart phone while you still go about with that cellotaped one. He just doesn’t see anyone’s situation outside his own. You don’t need him. There will be times you will encounter situations that need selfless approaches and you don’t want to find out then that you have been riding solo all along. I know men that take public transport just because the only car makes it easier to transport the kids and their wives.

·         The womanizer: Do I even have to tell you this? Moving on.

Like I said earlier, love surpasses that superficial passion of enjoying another’s company. Falling in love is that infatuation part and very far from the real deal. While chemistry forms a large part in deciding whom we might want to settle with, it is not enough and we need to watch out for some things because love doesn’t have to hurt.

Some men change while some stay stuck with their annoying personalities. Don’t make someone else’s drama yours, just don’t deceive yourself on the things you think you can handle. There is always that voice of reason that rings in every one’s head when one is about to make important decisions, be very sure you are ready for the whole ride. Look well and listen before you leap.

There are always issues between couples but they need not be ones that go to the very foundation of their co-existence.



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