Friday, January 9, 2015

The New Age of 'Marriage Prophecies' in Nigeria

This is not a new trend, but it is fast becoming a widespread one; the prospect of marriage now brings fear more than anything, and people are keen more than ever to ensure they do not make mistakes when choosing a partner. It seems marriage is developing into a phobia of its own without people really being aware of it.

I never really paid much attention to how people are misled when it comes to marriage; I always assumed their mistakes were solely theirs, not influenced by any external factors. However, these days, I am beginning to question the need and the authenticity around the ideas of marriage, and some scary prophecies unsuspecting victims are exposed to. My first question is why on earth do people, especially ladies go to prophets to seek futuristic prophecies regarding who they want to marry? Why is it a necessity to know if your future husband will be successful, the kinds of different kinds of trials you may face along the way and the big question- to know if you are a match made in heaven? It is not surprising, with all these questions constantly playing on people's minds that marriage prophecy is the new business in town.

I once met a lady who was told she couldn't marry the man she was in love with because he is lighskinned. He's not a murderer or a slave trader..nope...he's lightskinned and that's just it. Other men who approached her had their flaws too according to these prophecies- they were either too rich, too gentle, too handsome or some other flimsy excuse that could not hold water. Being an obedient child, she followed these prophecies and guides till she found herself knocking at the door of 38, with all her suitors married with kids and living HAPPILY! Many women fall into this trap; they believe they need to seek the face of a prophet to decide if the man who has proven beyond reasonable doubt that he wants to be there for them every second of the day is the right man. Why can't you pray for yourself and let God minister to you? Will it be from the mouth of another man that you hear if you've met your God-chosen husband? What happened to your personal relationship with God? Why are we so lazy to approach God ourselves that we end up falling victim to fraudulent spiritual practices that may affect our lives negatively forever?

Perhaps back in the day, those prophecies were reliable; things were not so difficult economically, so people did not need to scam others as much as they do now. These days, it's a dog-eat-dog world, with everyone trying to be the smartest dog! Let's assume the 'prophet' can truly see things, what are the chances of him telling you your man is truly the one for you? How will get you to return for more prayers (which you will pay for by the way) if he gives you exactly what you want the first time? It is sad that some people bank on the fears of individuals to swindle them, but what's worse is that Christians are beginning to act like they have no access to God through prayer. They prefer to exalt the words of men who are prone to sin over the word God drops in their hearts when they pray for a partner. I had to write this because I know many people keep falling victim to these 'prophecies, losing out on love, and ending up in very disturbing and unhappy marriages. Let who you marry be God's choice and yours only!

Do you know anyone who has been a victim of false marriage prophecies? Do share! XOXO

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