Saturday, January 24, 2015

Of Nose Rings , Scanty Clothes and Other Doctrines

There are lots of misconceptions in the Christendom. See, I was going through one of my FB groups when I stumbled upon this debate about what to wear and what not to wear. The writer wanted to know if wearing anklets was in line with the practice of Christianity. As you’d imagine, many people had  opinions on what they thought was right or wrong.

I was surprised to read some comments and that left me wondering of our general view of Christianity. Christianity is not a cult where people have regular uniforms, we are not under law but we are guided by the need to live a modest life tailored after the life Christ lived. The problem here will now be that modesty is relative. I remembered riding the bus home one day and a woman that was well adorned in jewelries and with long manicured nails stood up to minister, people immediately started murmuring  and passing all sorts of nasty comments. They had already profiled her as an unbeliever even before she spoke. She was unrelenting and she later got people’s attention and I am sure her words probably saved a life that night.

I agree that one’s physical appearance in relation to clothing and accessories might be reflective of the person’s character but God sees deeper than that surface. God’s way is not our ways, what makes sense to us might be foolish to him. How did we ever reach the conclusion that we will be judged based on what we wear.

The ultimate criterion has always been accepting Jesus as one’s Lord and savior. Anklets, toe rings, nose rings or whatever accessory we decide to adorn ourselves with doesn’t  put us off as good Christians.

Christianity is a faith and not a religion. Jesus didn’t die so we could be judged by things we wear or don’t wear. Don’t wear trousers, don’t wear front buttoned shirts, don’t wear skirts with slits don’t apply make-up, don’t use jewelries, don’t use wigs or apply chemicals on your hair If allowed, we’ll be told not to wear perfumes or use scented soaps or wipes because the products will attract people’s attention to us. All these are at best doctrines and practices that are not even near the core of what we should stand for as Christians.

So what if a person follows all these doctrines and is considered chaste and pious in the eyes of the society but is filled with hate and spite?

Truth be told some form of clothing might be so scanty that another man is led into sin, this is where modesty should be employed but it is really wrong that we judge other people because of their perceived extravagant fashion choices. Let’s keep our eyes on the price, which is to spread the Love and knowledge of Christ, rather than invest energy and time into distracting doctrines and practices.

Have a beautiful weekend.


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