Friday, January 16, 2015

You Shouldn't Be Bothered If He 'Cheats'

I've had a rather interesting week; new year, new friends, new acquaintances and of course new perspectives! I was hanging out with a few friends a couple of nights ago and the issue of cheating came up. As a woman, I immediately expressed my strong opinions against men who cheat on their wives or girlfriends. I backed my arguments with strong evidence as to why women can;t stand their men cheating, how it's a form of emotional abuse etc. The guys in the group looked at me, laughed and then started to table their thoughts on the topic. 

According to them, a woman should not be bothered if her man cheats as long as he doesn't bring his spare wheel home. HUH?! How on earth does that make sense to anyone? It's OK to cheat if you don't bring the other person home? That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard! I wondered if they have ever thought of how trust gets broken between couples. How can any man expect a woman to trust him whenever he steps out of the house if she knows there's another woman around the corner? They even went further to say if a man is texting another woman, it doesn't mean he has feelings for her. Oh? That's new....

Cheating seems to be fast becoming a norm; and for some reason, many men seem to believe that they have a right to cheat. Women of course do not possess such rights. Cheating for a woman is not just frowned upon, it is an abomination. Of course, fighting for gender equality does not ease the tension around cheating; it is supposedly a right for men, and an abomination for women so women ought not be bothered if their men cheat.  My stand? It is not a right for anyone to cheat! It destroys trust, it is a form of emotional abuse, it is a form of suppression in marriage, and it creates ultimate unhappiness. 

The fact that the other woman is not in the house or she's simply limited to Whatsapp does not mean she doesn't pose a threat to a happy union. Men and women should understand that marriage/courtship is exclusive, and trust should always be the foundation of such relationships. Believing you  can make a fool of your partner by cheating is a sign of immaturity, an act of abuse and shows a general lack of sincerity in the relationship. If you still believe in playing the field, perhaps you should stay single.

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  1. cheating is wrong. der is no justification for it....

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