Friday, February 5, 2016

Lifesaver or Lazy parenting? The Babocush has sparked a parenting debate

The Babocush is such a nice and convenient innovation. To some, it is seen as a lifesaver while others see it as lazy parenting.

The video about this new innovation has racked up over 10 million views and over 24,000 comments on Facebooksince it was uploaded on the 18th of January 2016. Within a couple of days, the babocush crashed because of the high volume of orders.

As a father of three who learnt that you should not let you child depend on lying on your chest before falling asleep, it might have come in as a lifesaver or would it?

The Babocush claims to mimic the winning ‘head over the shoulder’ position of a baby lying on their mum or dad and has stimulated heartbeat sounds built in.

Cool isn’t it?

But it seems some people do not think so and it has sparked a parenting debate over the fact that this contraption takes away the crucial parent-baby bond

Here are some of the comments from some mothers on the Babocush Facebook page:
“Really? Baby won’t hear your heartbeat, have your smell or feel your warmth. They are tiny for such a short time. Make the most of it – cleaning will be there tomorrow.” 
“Wow if you’re too busy to hold your baby why bother having one.” 
“I am uncomfortable with a product which not only lays a baby on its front, but also has a pillow-in effect. Both risk factors that as a health visitor I advise parents against. Not sure I would advise my families to use this.”
but there are also some comments praising the invention.
“Wow all these judgemental comments from these obviously ‘perfect parents’ ! Ignorant comments like these can cause first time parents confusion & self doubt at a time when they are sleep deprived or perhaps suffering from post natal depression. You all must have your child strapped to you 24/7 when you cook, which is dangerous, going for a poop, which is slightly strange or you must sleep with them, again highly dangerous. Because the way you’re going on about people that buy this are neglecting their child is ridiculous. What about multiple births? You can’t constantly hold 3/4/5 babies all the time. Sick of seeing parent shaming especially from other parents.
Great product idea…will help those ‘not perfect parents’ like myself out there.” 
“I could do with this tonight just so I can get half an hour sleep! She won’t let me put her down at all and I’m worried if I fall asleep holding her I might squish or suffocate her! Don’t get me wrong she had already grown so quickly so I make the most of snuggles all day and you should see my house it’s awful and no dishwasher so quite often you have to wash a cup up before you can use it haha! I don’t worry about things like that when I have a baby learning to smile and giggle at me I spend time with her, but to have this would be amazing just so I could get abit of a nap as well”
Kerry Nevins is the creator of Babocush. This is her story below.

What do you think about the Babocush? Are you for it or not? Share your comments

This article first appeared on Innovation Village

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