Wednesday, February 24, 2016

My Pastor Said "He Is The One For Me"

I am saddened whenever I see people eating grasses because their pastor instructed them to or when children are almost/sometimes beaten to death because they are said to be possessed by ungodly spirits.
I am sick of hearing people complain about brothers/sisters that they were told by their spiritual heads are their perfect fits turning out to be worse than the devil. My questions to such people are did you seek the face of the Lord concerning the person yourself? Is your pastor in sole possession of the direct line to God? Will the pastor be in the relationship with you?  

There are many empty giants, a Facebook status read, alluding to the starvation of the spirit by many believers.
It read strange at first, but on a closer look, I got what the author of the update meant. It is true that many of us invest more in our physical bodies than we do in our spirits. We are guilty of being really lazy at developing ourselves spiritually. This lapse makes many of us prone to living lives far below what God intended for us. We find ourselves being exploited by people hiding behind the facade of spiritual heads. Your walk with God is a personal journey. Don’t be tricked into believing your future can only be decided by fake prophesies. Doctrines are definitely not the same but one thing is constant- the bible. This is the truth we all need to turn to for guidance instead of believing in things we ought to question.
Our spiritual heads are there to encourage and guide us and at times when their words are contrary to the word of God, the word of God should override.

This knowledge is only made available to us if we take out moments from our very busy lives to feed our souls. This keeps us sharp enough to know when counsels are downright ungodly. Even the bible enjoins us to seek the truth always.

Life is truly filled with uncertainties. If what tomorrow holds were as clear as writings on a paper, many of us wouldn’t be where we are today. One will be smart enough to know from start, the love that is doomed. One will be wise not to be caught in fruitless pursuits. Living life would be so easy and yet so boring. This is because the thrill of life lies in its uncertainties.

The gift of discernment is one of the biggest gifts man’s given. Since we don’t know for certain what tomorrow holds, we owe our lives to the decisions we make because we live with the consequences of whatever decision we make. This is why we ought to keep our souls and spirits nourished with the truth.

I say this especially in relation to relationships. If your pastor says he/she is the one, it doesn’t translate to you throwing caution to the wind and going forward with preparation for marriage. You still have to seek God on your own and try to court the person so you can know for sure if you compatible or not. Many marriages have crashed due to some pastors’ “matchmaking ways”.

Brothers and sisters, let wisdom guide you always. 

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