Monday, February 15, 2016

Like Calls to Like; Opposites Attract

This is a post for all the single readers. The title of this post is clearly two statements that seem to be complete opposites and cannot be applied simultaneously to the same situation; however, I have found that in relationships, this is the perfect formula for finding the right mate. You’re probably wondering what I mean. I’ll break it down:

Like calls to like: This statement simply highlights the fact that people of the same characteristics tend to be attracted to each other. People with like minds tend to stick together; people who are headed in the same direction tend to walk together. If you can apply this first rule to your next relationship, half of your relationship woes are over! Many people end up heartbroken because they don’t apply the ‘like calls to like’ rule. They settle for people who are headed in a completely different direction; they settle for people whose minds are all over the place; they settle for people who have completely different understandings of what a relationship is about. 

If you intend to build a lasting relationship, you must first check if you and your prospective partner have the same vision. Do you have the same moral code? Are you headed in the same direction? It does not mean every outline of your vision has to match word to word, but in the general trend, are you headed in the same direction? Do you have the same values? Cos if you don’t the relationship is doomed before it even begins. 

Opposites attract: This is rule number two; and no it is not a contradiction to rule number one. It is also not a compulsory rule unlike number one which is a key rule. It is important however to carry this ‘opposites attract’ rule at the back of your mind to prevent missing out on an amazing partner. The fact that a person has the same vision and direction as you does not mean they must have the same personality. Personality wise, many couples are opposites. While one can talk the roof down even in the midst of strangers, the other one is more reserved. While one partner approaches life with a fun ‘happy-go-lucky’ attitude, the other might be more grounded and serious, yet they still have the same vision and values. Don’t write someone off because their attitude is different from yours. The variety personalities bring to a relationship makes things more interesting. 

So before you go into your next relationship, bear these two rules in mind:

Like calls to like: Go for a person who has the same values, the same vision, and is on the same path as you. Go for someone who matches you intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally. 

Opposites attract: Appreciate the difference in personality between you and a potential partner; appreciate the diversity and fun factor it adds to your relationship. Don’t write anyone off because he or she is not like you personality-wise.

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