Thursday, April 9, 2015

6 Ways You Can Have A Healthier Love And Sex Life In Your Marriage

Image result for how to have a healthy sex lifeThose early beautiful and passionate period in relationships can fast become a memory after the couple settle into their roles and become more concerned about all the other things life throws at them than they are about themselves and their love life. Kids, career advancement and more responsibilities become the dominating factor in our lives that we forget how important being intimate with one another is. Sex becomes a routine and is spared little or no thought. Getting intimate becomes a major chore thereby creating a void in the relationship. If statistics were to be taken, one would find there are many sexually dissatisfied married people. Many things could lead to one feeling disconnected from one’s partner but some can be checked. Whoever said being religious means less intimacy is wrong. Sex is not just for procreation. It is created to be enjoyed so, no matter how religious you are, you need to understand that sex is equally important.

So, how does one maintain a healthy love and sexual life in marriage?

Share your problems: Mr. O has to pay back some loans and it is weighing him down because he can’t seem to figure out how to go about it. Mrs. O doesn't understand why he is so withdrawn, she thinks it might Mr. O might be cheating on her. This scenario is very avoidable, long as we understand relationships involve sharing our problems and issues with each other. You need not suffer alone if you are going through any situation. Open up to your partner and work together on finding solutions to your problem. Sharing your problems help you stay connected to the other person emotionally. (s)he is able to understand what you are going through thereby creating a sense of understanding and  belonging.

Don’t be so laid back: Most of us were more self-conscious around our partners when things were fresh but with time familiarity sets in and we let go of ourselves. We add several pounds and could go around in our oil stained pajamas all weekend. While it is very nice to be real, we shouldn't throw all caution to the wind. Most working couples hardly get the chance to see themselves dressed up and looking nice all through the week, make some effort over the weekend. You both need to stay in shape and stay desirable. Don’t go to bed reeking of sweat. That’s a turn off. Work on yourself for the sake of your relationship. Wear nice panties and clean boxers. Invest in some sweet smelling body splashes. Just don’t get too familiar.

Retire to bed at a uniform time: it does happen sometimes that one partner brings work home and needs to stay up long after the other person has gone to bed. While this can be excused occasionally, it shouldn't be the norm. It need not be sex but cuddling and sharing about the happenings of the day helps partners bond better. Remember you don’t want your partner feeling very disconnected from you which is what you will be doing if you are not available.

Don’t be so rigid: if your partner wants you to try new stuffs, hear it before turning him or her down with disdain. Loosen up, sex is meant to be enjoyed. I know however that some demands might be off the top, you should discuss it and make your partner see why you can’t engage in such acts.

Go on dates: You know how you use to plan to have intimate times when you just get to talk about everything and anything? You need to recreate those times. Hold each other’s gaze and laugh with reckless abandon over shared jokes. Just loose yourself in the beauty of the love you share.

Take a vacation: If you can afford it, then you should take some time off your busy lives and just have fun. Being away from everyday anxieties bring the focus back on what you share with your partner thereby helping the connection between you get stronger.

Whatever the situation, just don't stay satisfied with the boring routinely life that could happen in a marriage. Keep it spiced up and you can achieve this in a variety of ways including those highlighted above. Remember, it is very important to have a great connection with your partner in order to stay happy in your marriage.
God bless.

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