Monday, April 20, 2015

Get Rid of the Raven Mentality!

Many of us are stuck in the mentality of a raven and we are not even aware of it! After listening to a sermon about the dove yesterday, I decided to read up on another bird that was mentioned quite often in the bible- the raven. After learning some of the characteristics of the raven, I came to the conclusion that the raven is a good representation of what most of us are like today.

Firstly, the raven is known to feed on the eggs and nestlings of other birds. Being a bird itself, one would expect that the raven would have some degree of respect for the efforts of other birds, but such is not the case. So many of us, though we call ourselves Christians derive joy in robbing our colleagues of the fruits of their hard labour. We take credit for work we did not do, and we swoop in and take away benefits and sources of happiness many people are looking forward to out of spite, and jealousy! But this is not my main point.

What stood out for me during my brief research on ravens was that these birds are known to be scavengers. they feed on dead animals, garbage and every other disgusting item you can think of. Aren't many of us just like ravens? Feeding on dead events in our lives and dwelling on rotten relationships? Don't we spend a lot of our time wallowing in the depression of the past rather than encouraging ourselves with hope for the future? This is what I call the raven mentality. 

Ravens hardly feed on animals that are alive, and when they do, they are animals that leave very little to be desired- worms, insects and the tiny creatures they are capable of catching. They feed on dead animals that are so small, they are probably overlooked by many. So many of us tend to indulge in this: small expectations, small dreams, small aspirations because we are scared of aiming too big, scared of praying for big things... so instead we feed on the small and dead stuff. We refuse to hope, we are scared to dream, and above all, we do not give ourselves the opportunity to let life flow through us, so we end up dwelling on the rotten past. 

If this applies to you, get rid of the raven mentality! Reassure yourself everyday of your awesomeness and have faith in the future God has planned for you. XOXO.

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