Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Important Points To Note When Getting Helps

Every time one gets on the internet, there seems to be one news or the other about nannies and house helps gone wild. I mean how does one explain that nanny video that went viral of the nanny beating the child she ought to be minding because the child wouldn’t eat or the one that was trying to breastfeed the baby she was supposed to take care of. One hears of stories of physical, psychological and sexual abuse by these supposed child minders and there seems to be no end to the brutality of these dastardly acts.  The most shocking in recent times is the nanny that abducted three kids from a family at the same time. While the debate went on and on about who was to blame, one can’t help but wonder if the ills don’t override the use for them. Finding a balance can be really hard for a woman especially with the unpredictable traffic and workload. Many have mastered the art of juggling while most of us still struggle at it. I was really averse to the idea of getting a live in help for many personal reasons, the first being I have trust issues and the stories I hear makes my paranoia worse. However, there are mothers who due to the nature of their jobs can’t do without these helps.

Times have indeed changed. My mum was a very busy mum and she had to worry about many things but one thing she never really had to worry about was who was going to take care of us whenever she was away. We had quite a number of aunts, cousins, uncles, nieces and whoever is family live in our house at one point or the other while I was growing up. Since they were mostly older, they naturally assumed the job of taking care of us whenever our parents weren’t around. They made sure we did our house chores and watched over us like hawks.The need for privacy and several other factors has swept away this practice ,that was 70% more fool proof than getting a total stranger, under the rug.

To cope with the stress as modern day mums, you should bear the following in mind when getting a help:

Before getting a live in help, run a thorough background check and pray about it. Life is complicated enough as it is . Don’t let your desperation override your sense of judgement.

Have hidden cameras everywhere around the house. This will help you monitor things that happened even in your absence.

Register your kids in professional creches. Ask other parents to know their recommendations, some of the creches around offer flexible services that can suit you.

We can only do so much, the real deal is we need to commit our children into God’s hands. He sees things we cant and loves the children even more than we do and He is sure to look out for them at all times.

Are there other tips you have that you'll want to share? kindly drop a comment.

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