Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Be Inspired: Live With No Limitations

Image result for live without limitsAre there times you feel like life threw you more than your fair share of trials? Or do you think age is not on your side anymore and so you nipped your dreams in the bud? Do you feel limited by the circumstances surrounding you? Are you the kind that wallows in the pit of self-pity and blames everybody but yourself?

Well, it is time for you to get up and live.

I was about to turn off my TV when a short clip of a beautiful blind lady came on. Her name is Taiwo Lawal and she’s into photography professionally. Can you believe that? My eyes were transfixed on the TV the whole time the clip was on. She spoke passionately about her craft. She shared how she uses her sense of touch and smell. She also shared how she connects with her clients with an ability to tell if a client is happy or sad( I can’t imagine how she does that , I am just amazed) . Her energy and passion deeply inspired me. She’s also into beads and bag making. I wondered at her zeal to live life and not just exist. She could have settled for a life of pity but she chose to do something for herself. I found it absolutely amazing that she was able to rise above her limitations and dared to pursue and live her dream.

There are many of us living a less than average life, settled into taking whatever life drops in our laps. We are scared to live or find out what lies outside the box we are caged in. We find all sorts of excuses to hold us back from being so much better than who we are.This attitude hurts and stands in the way of so many things that we could have achieved. There needs to be a hunger in us for something greater. We need to see trials not as the end but a bend. We should never stop dreaming or working towards achieving our goals. We should never be scared of getting out of our comfort zones or allow our future success stories remain untold because of what ifs.

Taiwo’s story deeply resonates with that of Nick Vujicic who was born with no arms and legs but rose above all odds to be a major source of inspiration to many people.

What lie(s) is the devil telling you? 

You have so much strength on the inside that you need to unleash. Focus your energy on God, your loved ones and positive things. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Don't give up on yourself.

You are your own greatest cheerleader. People are not always going to hold you by the hand to guide you. You need to show a desire and will to want to be led. You need to desire more out of life than just existing. You need to truly want to live. You are not going to be in this world forever, so, for every breath you take, you need to make it count. Stop sleeping on that business idea. Stop wallowing in self-pity. Stop condemning yourself as not good enough. You will never know how far you can go if you never try.

You have got this, God has got you. Rise and shine.

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