Monday, April 27, 2015

Of Transgending,Bruce Jenner and the Common Sense Generation

Image result for bruce jennerI haven’t actually watched the full clip of the viral Bruce Jenner interview that ‘broke the internet’ but I have read the text version of the video and all I can say is ‘wow’. I find his story very fascinating.  Not because there have not been other transgenders but because he is the first one in public eye that has courageously and defiantly taken that step. I hope to watch the full clip soon because the text seems to be missing in describing his expression and body language for the whole time and I can’t judge by the bit I saw. I would want to watch to see if his demeanor reveals that he has finally made peace with himself now that he has come out to the world to say what in another era would have been a taboo.

I am normally a very compassionate person, so it is very understandable that I have some form of pity for him. I truthfully can’t wrap my head around what he can be dealing with that initiated his decision, more so at his age. I wonder if this is just another publicity stunt and a cry for attention seeing as the journey to his transition has been commissioned to be aired on TV. I also wonder how disturbed he is on the inside. I mean not everybody just sleeps and wakes up and feel like God made a major mistake in creating them. Bruce Jenner mentioned that he is a Christian and a republican. Bearing in mind the views of other republicans, I figure he must have fought hard within himself to suppress the overwhelming feeling to be a woman. He must have questioned God many times on why he was made differently. I don’t understand how these decisions are arrived at and I guess I might never understand. Bruce said Everybody has stuff in their life that they have to deal with… you know… what we gonna give him? God looks down and chuckles, let’s give him the soul of a female, let’s see how he deals with that…’  and I agree with him we all have baggage but I have some questions for him.

Does God really work that way? Is God that confused? 1Cor14:33

One thing I am also very sure of is that temptations can come from time to time and our heads can be filled with messed up thoughts but God always has an escape plan for us 1 Cor 10:13

I have my reservations about all the cultures that are accepted in Hollywood and I still hold my opinion that even those with differing opinions among them would be scared to speak for fear of being accused of ‘political incorrectness’. So it wasn't surprising to find many tweets of different celebs encouraging him and commending his courage. 
There were lots of debate about why he might have done what he did but common sense won. As the common sense generation, our liberal hearts have been left to roam wild and free. We forget that we are not here by ourselves and we have Godly standards to live by. We judge the things of the spirit based on common sense.

Do I think what he did is right or wrong?
Well, who made us judges over such matters?

As a  Christian, I don't agree with his choices but I am very sure Jesus loves him still. I am not one to judge seeing as I am flawed myself. The fact that I sin differently doesn't make me a better person. I can only pray that he finds his way back home.

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  1. Truly blessed. We are in a generation where things I hear and read scares me. Am encouraged by words like these that gives hope and direction.


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