Sunday, April 12, 2015

Can Married Christian Couples Have Oral Sex?

As Christians, things can get really confusing if one were to consider all the dos and donts of all the various denominations. Much as we all agree that Christ is Lord, most of us still struggle with other components of the faith; ladies are prohibited to wear trousers in some denominations, some won’t allow anyone attend fellowship without head scarf, and so many other rules one needs to fulfil in order to be holy. While I am tempted to dwell on all these doctrines, I’ll save my thoughts till another post.

I was checking my BBM updates when I saw a rather interesting quote on my friend’s DP. It was a snapshot of a book written by a man of God who had rather dramatic submissions on oral sex between married couples. He is of the opinion that oral sex is of the devil. I was both amused and amazed. There are some things we all agree on such as not having sex before marriage, not being involved prostitution, adultery, homosexualism. But one would ask what the boundaries are in marital sex especially as it bothers on oral sex? Do you think oral sex is totally wrong between married couple? Do you also find it very sinful and demonic?

Well, I used to have my reservations and I asked questions and read in order to clear my doubt and fully understand what the boundaries are. Christians need to know sex wasn’t just created for procreation, it was also created for pleasure and intimacy. This is affirmed in the book of Songs of Solomon. However,the bible doesn’t expressly touch on how a man and a woman should make love to eachother so it is wrong to outrightly condemn oral sex. Most of the literature I came across on the subject agreed on a number of things to consider in relations to oral sex. One of which is the need for mutual consent between the couple which is in line with the book of Corinthians 7 :2-4. It is thereby right to say if Mr O and Mrs O decide to have pleasure through oral sex they can long as they both reach a consensus.
 It will be a totally different thing if one of the partners finds it disgusting, harmful or painful. This leads to the second point, oral sex can be considered sinful if it is unkind. We are enjoined by the Bible to be kind to one another. Eph. 4:2. If Mrs O will be uncomfortable with process, Mr. O should take her feelings into consideration and not force her to do what is against her will.

A healthy sex life helps to promote intimacy between couples. If your partner wants to have oral sex and you have any reservations, talk and pray about it.

God Bless.

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