Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Be Wise In Love

I didn't know how to feel about the news of the lady that committed suicide because her lover jilted her. Not knowing how to feel isn't a reaction peculiar to this particular piece of news, I never know  how to feel about every news in this guise because I sincerely find it beyond me. I don’t understand how love can make one get so irrational (or maybe I don’t understand some degrees of irrationality). I don’t know how badly I can feel my whole existence depends on some other person’s acceptance of me that life stops being meaningful.

Love can feel like one is drugged sometimes, it is the reason a CEO will be locked in his room, shut away from everyone because his lover doesn't love him back. I agree our stories are not the same and we all don’t react to same things same way but somethings are just inexcusable.

Love is a special thing and when found is one of the most beautiful things the world has to offer.  We might come across lots of emotions that feels and looks like it but love would always stands out. The head and the heart are always in a constant struggle as to the rationality of most of the decisions we take at times. We are very aware when our head is telling us some things are not right but our heart is too scared to admit it. It is the reason we would stay in an extremely abusive relationship and lie to ourselves that the few sane periods and all those shallow apologies are the best we can ever get. I know ending a relationship can be heart breaking but it is better to leave than hang on and be unhappy forever.

I love happy endings and forever ever afters but I also believe everyone has the right to be happy individually. If you are always on your toes and are not even sure if that person you are with loves you, talk about it or just walk away before things get too desperate. We all invest ourselves in relationships and I think it is high time we all agreed it is not a do or die situation. If you think you are giving more than you are getting and it makes you particularly sad, muster the strength to let go. How long would you have to wonder if he/she is going to leave you for someone else or if he will ever propose to you?

Love is sweet but try and apply some wisdom. The end of a relationship doesn't have to be the end of your life. Love wisely.

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