Tuesday, June 2, 2015

4 Signs He Will Never Propose

After you must have ‘finally’ hooked up with a brother and probably must have been seeing the brother for a number of years , it is alright to expect that at some point your status changes from being  a miss to a Mrs. In fact if you have no such expectations, the society would subliminally ask you. Your friends and family are going to greet all of your Hi’s with ‘when are we coming to eat your rice’ or stylishly refer to the brother as our in law and building up on ‘your’ dreams for you. It could be a really annoying situation but it is what it is.
The best way to Propose
Love is a beautiful thing but there is such thing as delusion. It makes no sense that a brother that is of age is dating a sister that is also of age but can’t make up his mind whether or not to put a ring on it. In a subsequent post, we will be discussing how to make a brother make up his mind but this post will be dealing with those signs that will tell you he would never propose.

He doesn’t want you to meet his family: I know there are always exceptions to the general rule but most times, a man that is serious about you wants to introduce you to the other important people in his life – family and friends. He wants you to get to know and connect with them because it matters that you get along to those he is close to if he sees you in his future. If he doesn’t want to commit, he discourages any of those kinds of engagement.

He is stuck in a particular age: you can tell when your boyfriend is having issues growing up. He probably always talks about how he was the best football player in school and how all the other ladies wanted him. He is not ready for big responsibilities. All he ever worries about is what clothes to wear or shows to attend. He is just so disconnected from grown up realities. He is still a kid at heart and probably can’t deal with the act of committing to someone else. It can be hard to move on but he might not be ready soon.

He does disappearing acts: one minute he is here, next is gone, then he is back again. Lady, your destiny is not tied to this fella. He is telling you how you are his world today and the next few days, he doesn’t pick his calls. Well, the sooner you understand he has his own issues the better. But you can be sucked into his game if you don’t move on fast.  Your man is scared to commit. There was this guy that was dating someone I know that strung her along for over a year just coming and going. It took a facebook update to discover that he was engaged to another lady and had a child with her. Someone that loves you would understand the importance of staying in touch always.

You are as good as his wife already: Some ladies have the wrong notion that they need to prove themselves by giving in to all a man requests of them. You wash his clothes, make his meal, make his bed, sleep with him, stay in the same house with him/ there is really nothing else remaining. The man feels married. he probably wouldn’t see a reason to take it further. It is just a classic case of eating one’s cake and having it. He is enjoying everything without the ‘strenuous’ process of getting married and ruining his chances with other ladies.

It is not easy allowing a man that is not ready to grow on your time.  Remember your feelings matter too.


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