Friday, June 5, 2015

Why You Should End Your Long-term Relationship

Long term relationships make for some very dreamy and romantic stories, especially when they end in marriage. However, when they don't end in the happiness or destination of marriage, some people find themselves on the verge of insanity, while others simply lose the will to start a new relationship. Sometimes, long term relationships end in marriage but those marriages are not happy, nor are they able to withstand the storms that come their way. This here is a big issue many couples do not willingly own up to- that a long courtship does not necessarily guarantee a happy and fulfilled marriage. The big question of course is why that is.

Why do couples who have dated for ages end up being unhappy in their relationships? How is it possible that couples who know each other so well, know each other's habits, likes and dislikes end up in marriages that seem to be void of romance or any form of affection? I mean isn't it a long term relationship supposed to be proof of their compatibility and affection, and subsequently result in the best marriage possible? Perhaps not.

I have discovered that sometimes long term relationships bring the unnecessary pressure of marriage. Many people find it hard to break a long term relationship for fear of disappointing their partner or being branded a liar, a cheat or a fraud. This leads to many marriages that are seen more as necessary evils than happy endings. Many people are afraid to shake things up and admit their affections for their partners have waned. They end up in marriages where they simply go through the motions and maintain the status quo - a lifeless marriage filled with longing on both sides for something different.

It is always best to have candid conversations about how you feel. If people did this more often, the world would not only be a better place to live, but it would also be easier to relate with one another. Many people are scared to bring up the idea of ending their long term relationships even though they are aware of the fact that the spark has died with no chance of revival, and all they feel for their partner is loyalty in a 'friendship' type of way.

Such relationships follow a natural progression as expected by society but end up in dissatisfaction and unhappiness. Talk and let go if you know you cannot make it work. Marriage is a lifetime commitment, and it is very important that you go into it with as much optimism and excitement as possible. If your affection for your partner is no longer there, don't stick around out of pity- that's the worst you can do. Instead, have a face to face conversation, which I dare say is rather difficult to do but in the end, liberating. Talk and make a decision about what you want things to be like going forward. 

Do not avoid this difficult conversation. It is better to let your partner find love with someone who truly and deeply cares than to string him or her along simply because you are too scared to admit your relationship has run its course.

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