Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Let Your Ex Stay Your Ex

People meet, people love, and people leave.
It is just one of the mysteries of life.
Love is probably the most abused emotion. Not everyone we love would love us back same way. Humans are gifted with understanding many languages but one word that defies understanding sometimes is goodbye.
You’d be surprised how incomprehensible goodbye can be even for some of the smartest people.
Image result for Getting over an exBreakups happen for different reasons and in some cases, it isn’t pretty. You’d find some people still holding on to memories that were once shared in the hope of reigniting an already quenched fire. They stay back even long after the other person has moved on.

Not every break up is unpleasant and it is normal to see ex-lovers who make really good friends. However there are cases of ex-lovers who don’t understand when there is someone new and they still want to call in the middle of the night or wouldn’t stop with the endearing words in their messages. They get so carried away that they forget it is not alright to do some of the things that used to be ok.

Many times, these actions are seen as innocent and unassuming but time tells a different tale. I heard a story of a guy that invited his ex to his wedding all in the guise of being ‘just friends’ and eventually cheated on his wife with the ex. People keep their exes close for different reasons and not everybody is the same but 50% of the time,the relationship is everything but innocent. You might have good intentions but people see actions and seldom get to appreciate the intention behind it. So, while you may understand that there is nothing happening between you and your ex, your partner might feel uneasy and you owe it to your partner to make them feel secure in the relationship.

You need to get your act together if you want to keep and stay happy in your relationship.

Your ex might be a really good person and you might not be able to explain how the feelings faded but your ex is definitely not your confessor. It makes no sense that you feel burdened and your ex is who you feel comfortable enough to talk to. The fact remains you have a history and constantly trying to stay in touch might bring back fond memories. You don’t put your hands in fire and expect it not to scathe your skin.

Start making time to stay in your partner’s good books. There is a reason your ex is your ex. If things were so good between you two, you wouldn’t be in a new relationship. It is time for you to suck it up and do the right thing.

Since you are acting like you don’t know understand what being in an exclusive relationship means, I’d better remind you. You don’t drive holes through a roof and still wonder why it is leaking. You should be smart enough to know that your new relationship needs nurturing. 

Every relationship needs trust to thrive . You should not allow your past ruin your present. If you still have feelings for your ex, deal with your emotions without dragging another person into your mess.

Bottom-line is you need to be sensitive about your partner's emotions.

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