Friday, September 18, 2015

11 Sure Tips To Having A More Productive Life

It is hard to ignore the stranger beside you that is bopping excitedly to loud music in the traffic. IT is a very sunny afternoon but your windows are down because your fuel gauge tells you can’t use the airconditioner for a while and the next filling station is about 15mins away from where you are. Given the traffic jam you might as well add another 30mins.

The sound of different honks and chatters from different passersby make it really hard to think. Your mind finally finds a place of ‘rest’ in dissatisfying thoughts of how your time could be put into more productive use. You find yourself making the all familiar analysis on all the things that could have been done.

You know this trend so well because it very well could be your life. Thing is you are not alone, you have a large company. It sometimes feel like time is on some sort of hover board, we find it very hard to keep up. Was it not yesterday that we celebrated the New Year, how come the calendar is telling of a day in September?

Many of us desire productive and fulfilling lives. We just want to be more in control of our time and life. Lately, I have realized that so much can change positively if we pay more attention to the little things.
  1. Eat well and healthily: Many of us take our food for granted. We are either eating too much or not eating well enough. We treat our bodies like we have extra lives. Try and change your eating lifestyle. Drink more water, eat fruits and vegetables. Eat proper meals instead of snacking through the day. You can’t put just any kind of fluid in your car engine. Treat your body even better.
  2. Identify easy ways to get somethings done: Some transactions can be done with less hassle eg not having to go all the way down to some offices just to make inquiries that could have been made over the phone or going to the market to buy things that could have been purchased online for same price. Accept help from genuine people that offer same. This can save you time and money.
  3. Stop trying to keep up with Joneses: You dont need to distract yourself with silly competitions. the social media and our circle of friends sometimes make us think there is a level of lifestyle we ought to maintain but you need not allow that get to you. Live within your means and save some for the rainy day. Don’t put yourself under unnecessary pressure. The Joneses are not as perfect as you think they are.
  4. Set goals: Life is filled with so many twists and turns. Who leaves a car to cruise control on bumpy roads with bends? No sane person does. Be more deliberate in your decisions. Giving yourself timelines helps to keep you focused.
  5. Learn to prioritize: this is related to setting goals. You need to be able to tell what is more important out of all the things you have to do and treat such things so.
  6. Be slow to anger and hold no grudges: People are always going to hurt you. Some knowingly, others unknowingly. You have the option of allowing it ruin your day or not. Don't let someone else have such power over you.
  7. Do not procrastinate: Whatever you want to do, do it on time. Something is always going to come up that makes every other time seem inconvenient and time is no servant of yours/
  8. Listen to music: I just had to put this one. We sometimes forget how much good the right music can do for us. Buy, download, build a decent library of songs you enjoy. Music is capable of lifting our souls even at the lowest times. It is very therapeutic. If you get overwhelmed at times, plug your ear phones in and just soak yourself in the beauty of the sound.
  9. Never Stop dreaming: The promise God made Abraham is 'as far as your eyes can see'. It is only in your heart that you can be limited. Free your thoughts, pray and get to work.
  10. Take a break sometimes: If a rope is stretched too far, it starts to break no matter the material. There are times all you need is a break to restrategise and then keep on. You don’t have to get to that point where your body and brain just shut down. You need to relax sometimes, read a book, travel, visit friends, and do whatever delights you. Just don’t lose that balance.
  11. Pray like your life depends on it: this is because your life does. I found this out studying the lives of very successful people I know, this is because in praying you find direction and peace. Your soul also need to be fed. It needs as much nourishment as your body.

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