Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Your Love IS Not Exactly My Love

I was months deep into one of the popular wedding Instagram pages just some moments ago. All of the pictures were so perfect and each story was really fascinating. 

From the pre wedding shoots to the pre and post pregnancy shoots, every picture had its own beautiful peculiarity. I am one of those silent page stalkers, so my awws were undocumented but not many people are like me seeing as the comments spilled over.

Most of us can’t help it, we are in love with the idea of love. This is evident from the ‘awws’and ‘OMGs,so cute’ that the many perfect pictures uploaded on social media get. One could also deduce from the comments that someone was definitely going to be disturbing his/her partner for glamorous shoots.We find ourselves dreaming and selling ourselves narrow expectations of love. 

Many of us try to define love like it is limited to the smiles on the faces of two lovers trying to strike the pose of the century or like it is just the great romance story told by our favourite blog. We try to make love out only in present tense when it is really in continuous tense. We forget just how intangible it is when we try to box it up and colour it with just our favourite colour.

I say this because I have discovered many people complain about their partners’shortcomings, loudly or silently by unfairly isolating a few of their deeds while judging their relationships against other people’s relationships.

'He doesn't cook for me' 'She is to sensitive'.

This is so similar to other aspects of our lives. We forget to be grateful for the things we have because we are caught up weighing it against what our neighbours possess. We find ourselves drawing comparisons thereby creating a well of deep dissatisfaction when we ought to be grateful. We forget to appreciate just how different our journeys are and that no two people’s stories are exactly the same.

All I am saying is when we truly reach down within us, we will find our partners are unique in the ways they express their love for us. She might not be so good with words and he might not be the type to buy you gifts just because it is a Tuesday. You both might never get to grace the cover of the biggest lifestyle magazine but it doesn't undermine the bond you share and it sure doesn’t mean you are loved any less.That supposedly perfect relationship probably has its struggles too.

Love is a great thing and it happens for us all in different ways.It surpasses still beautiful moments or tingling sensations down the spine.It redefines itself at different moments far beyond what we suppose it ought to be.The Joneses kind of love need not be your kind of love. Different stokes...remember?


  1. Getting really addicted to reading your stuffs, Fisi.

    Thank you for this. Sometimes even with the best of intentions I find myself doing unfair comparisons: "we don't take many pictures". "They travel a lot, must be so rich while we always struggling "," They look sooo in love "

    Well, thank you. Will work harder to be on my way and let the Joneses be.

    1. Thanks for the words of encouragement. glad the post spoke to u the way it did. we all have a little Oliver Twist in us.


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