Sunday, September 27, 2015

Silence the Negativity! (2)

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Negativity is a battle, and your mind is the battlefield. You must come to the fight prepared every single time! And the best preparation you can have at the ready is the word of God!!! Instead of dwelling on negativity, start to dig deep into your bible. You don't have to start at Genesis, start anywhere. Proclaim the promises in God's word to yourself! Insert your name in the beautiful descriptions God uses for His children in the bible. Say it out loud till you can hear it echoing in your ears! Take charge of the remote control of your mind, and mute the negative thoughts and voices! Don't take them and use them as tools of sarcasm against yourself. This is a mistake many of us make, not knowing what we think is a healthy sense of humor, is nothing more than resignations to Satan's wiles and lies. 

You are not ugly so stop bowing your head when you walk; you are not second-best so stop acting like you are. You are not your broken relationships, or failed marriage. You are not your lack of success, and you are not destined to live a life of hardship and pain. You are destined for greatness, happiness, and success. Stop accepting Satan's lies, and conditioning yourself to adjust to them. Take a righteous stand against them! 

I remember one night, I woke up in anxiety, I was sweating profusely, and for some reason, in a blind panic. I didn’t have a nightmare. As a matter of fact, I couldn’t remember dreaming about anything at all. I was panicking for no reason, and suddenly all the negative what-ifs flooded my mind. What if I end up losing my job and become destitute? What if I couldn’t deliver on the huge projects before me, and I ended up being an embarrassment to my research team? What if I never meet a good man, and I end up with fifteen parrots? (I’m not kidding. These days, I deliberately avoid pet stores and random pets altogether). What if, what if what if! I ended up texting a friend who was thousands of miles away in another country; I told her about my fears and everything and guess what she said? “I take a righteous stand against these thoughts! I refuse to accept them as truth”. Oh? I almost beat myself up! How come I didn’t think of taking a righteous stand against my own issues? That led me to realize the importance of having the right partnerships when battling negativity! 

As you dig into your bible and tear down Satan’s lies with God’s truth, also build partnerships with people who will happily stand with you against Satan’s lies. Partner with people who will remember God’s word when you forget them! Partner with people who specialize in the art of positive confessions. Partner with people who are able to sniff out any tiny infiltration by Satan, and are quick to point them out to you. Partner with people who pray, people who will remind you to pray, people who will pray for you too! 

Negativity is sometimes the only tool holding us back from achieving our highest levels of success! Confront the elephant in the room, start your mission to completely silence negativity in your life today! XOXO

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