Tuesday, September 8, 2015

8 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Get Married(2)

(This is a continuation. Kindly read the first installment  here·        
  • Don’t get married hoping to replicate another couple’s marital success: Mentors are good but there is that point where the line should be drawn. We all are different and our situations aren’t the same thing. If you are thinking of getting married hoping your husband/wife ought to be like your dad/mum or hoping your husband ought to be like your friend’s husband, then you are not ready yet. Things get negotiated for in marriages, you shouldn’t impose a vacation you might not be able to afford.
  • Don’t get married because those around you are pressuring you to: The society puts everything in one’s face. You see your old schoolmates and their cousins saying the big ‘Yes’ and it is hard not to wonder when yours will come. My dear, everyone’s time is different, don’t ever allow all these get to you. It will definitely come for you at your assigned time.it is your life and you should live by your rules. Family and friends might mean well but they won’t be the one married to a mistake. Take your time, the change in status doesn’t translate to happiness if you get it wrong. Don’t allow the pressure make you make all the wrong choices.
  •  Don’t get married just for better finances: Look for better reasons to love him/her and judge him now before the ring. What if he loses that great job or she becomes incapacitated? What becomes of the bills and probably your children’s welfare? You are not allowed to be so short sighted.Asides from all these, All that glitters isn’t gold is a very familiar and true phrase. You need to look for something deeper and also work on yourself. Trust me when I say you don’t want to be broke, divorced and miserable. 
  • Don’t get married hoping you are going to change your partner: Short of miracles, habits really do die hard. If you can’t stand some things he/she does, marriage isn’t going to change much. Wait it out, you’ll get someone custom made for you.
  • Don’t get married just for the chemistry/sexual attraction: It is cool to know there is someone that makes your insides turn and makes you want to do multiple flip backs. But this phase always wears out, not like you stop feeling the attraction but other things start to matter. What is the use of chemistry when you have very different core values? Don’t set yourself up for an affair later in your life. The shockwaves shouldn’t be your sole reason.
Forget whatever tale of woe you might have heard about marriage. It is a great experience when you get it right. Just choose wisely. 

God bleess.

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