Thursday, October 8, 2015

Don't Be Afraid of Greater Heights!

There is a psychological conditioning we must address as Christians; it is latent in many people and only exhibits itself when the chips are down and it is time to make a decision. I have noticed this mental control mostly among Christian women for a long time, and I often wondered if my thoughts were the problem. I read books, went to seminars and searched the bible to explain the trend in thoughts and behavior but was unable to find anything. Recently, I started to notice it in Christian men too, and I realized we need to nip it in the bud ASAP! I am talking of the fear of greater heights!

For some reason I cannot explain, many Christians believe the greater the hardship in life, the more the reward. You probably believe it too! I don't know if it is another level of humility that makes people think this way. I tend to find that when it comes to pursuits of success, many Christians tend to drag their feet. They don't want to be seen as too ambitious, or too determined to be successful. They don't want to be criticized for wanting too much, or for seeking material affluence in any way. They are afraid people will equate their ambition and drive to greed, and God will turn His back on them for not settling for the barest minimum. Worse still, is the constant urge they feel to apologize for their ambitions and desires.WRONG! This mindset is absolutely wrong!

Last week in Church, my pastor kept repeating a sentence that stuck with me; he said "whatever it is that you want, God can afford it!" This holds true even in the bible in Matthew 7:9-11. If we as sinners can give good gifts to our children, how much more our Heavenly father who uses the earth as His footstool?! Why is it that when we say for example that we desire to have the latest Mercedes, and a friend says "Hmm I'm comfortable with a bicycle if God gives me one", we start to feel bad for wanting a Mercedes? Is there a morality clause against wanting something superb for yourself? Why should you feel bad because your dreams are bigger? Psalm 37:4 says "Take delight in the Lord and He'll give you the desires of your heart!" This in essence means that whatever you seek from God, as long as you love and trust Him, you will receive. Your bigger dreams are evidence of your greater faith! If you keep adjusting and readjusting your desires, you are showing traces of doubt that will soon take over your life!

We need to recondition our minds towards success; we must be willing to accept it, rather than believe in toiling all the days of our lives! I have observed that many of us tend to run away from big opportunities and success simply because we are too scared to accept the comfort and prosperity, for fear that it will lead us to hell. Many young women even in their prime and on the ladder of success want men who cannot even locate the ladder, not to mention be a few steps on it. Many men are scared to purchase material things for comfort; instead of aiming high, they focus on the possible detrimental outcomes of that particular success and fixate on it. "what if I buy a house and it catches fire?" "What if I marry this successful man and he becomes abusive?" Well, what if you marry a poor man and he becomes abusive, will that make you feel better? Why on earth would you a christian child think of your own house catching fire when you know that the umbrella of God's protection never departs from his children?

We watch evil people prosper everyday because we are too scared to ask our own father for our heart's desires. We sit around tables and clap our hands in amazement at that atheist who now owns an estate in the most expensive part of town. Can we instead take our rightful places as God's children and ask for what we want? Can we stop apologizing for big dreams and seemingly impossible achievements? All things are possible with God, and no matter the height you want to reach, God can afford it! Stop running from it, stop apologizing for it, stop readjusting it! Stop aiming to be like a pigeon when God has intended for you to soar like an eagle. XOXO

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