Thursday, October 29, 2015

Three Reasons a Woman Would Cheat On You

Many people swear cheating is a man’s game; it is about the biological or should I rather say natural way men are wired- to be polygamous in nature because they are moved by what they see. Women on the other hand are moved by what they hear, therefore if a man is able to audibly satisfy her, he can rest easy that she’s not going anywhere. This to me is the most ludicrous science ever. Women, irrespective of the many promises and compliments thrown at them are just as likely to cheat. No, it has nothing to do with the way they are wired (by the way if you believe men are naturally wired to cheat, this is an invitation to contact me for counseling); cheating on the part of a woman is dependent on many factors which are often ignored by the strong believers in compliments and promises. Here are a few of them:

Nonchalance: Women who are in relationships with nonchalant men are more likely to cheat. It is not because nonchalant men are not doling out enough compliments or spending money on the finest things in life. It is because women like to feel they are important to their men. They want to feel like their absence will be deeply felt, and they are at the top of the priority list. Irrespective of how independent, mature and strong a woman is, this is a deeply-seated desire nothing can shake. It is not a result of insecurity as you may think. It is a necessary desire for appreciation. If you have a nonchalant attitude towards your woman, if you keep treating her like the last thing you have to sort out on your to-do list, she is highly likely to cheat on you with someone who makes her feel the world will stop if he doesn’t make her feel special. 

Bad sex: I don’t know if it’s due to an overly religious nature or pure ego that some men believe sex is not to be enjoyed by women. And I fail to understand if these reasons are possibly the root cause of women not being able to express their ill feelings about sexual encounters with their spouses, leading them to rather cheat. Whatever the reasons may be, bad sex remains one of the key reasons women cheat. Now bad sex is not necessarily sex that lasts a few minutes, just like good sex cannot be characterized by the number of hours. As a man, you may need to learn your spouse’s body as time goes on. Do a little trial and error to understand what gets her going. Bad sex is the reason some married couples drift apart. Contrary to popular belief, it is not always the woman’s fault if she fails to attain satisfaction. A selfish man, a man who doesn’t understand the essence of foreplay, or a man who doesn’t understand the needs of his spouse will push her to cheat. It really is that simple. 

Weakness: From discussions, I have gathered that women do not want weak men. Now, understand the meaning of weakness. A strong man is not one who controls his woman, beats her up when she steps out of line or treat her like trash when he is angry. That is not a strong man; that is an animal. A strong man is someone who is a deeply rooted shoulder, one who takes charge of situations not people, and one who comes to his woman’s defense whenever she is threatened. A weak man is a ‘yes man’, scared to challenge the status quo or rock the boat. A weak man cannot defend his woman; he lets life’s storms hit her left, right and centre without trying to fix it. No matter how strong, independent and mature a woman is, she does not want a weak man. Even if society insists he is the perfect fit for her based on her personality and disposition, she might end up looking elsewhere for that pillar of strength that lets her know she doesn’t have to do it all on her own. Step up!

What other factors can you think of? Do share! XOXO

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