Friday, October 23, 2015

Making Your Marriage Work During The Social Media Age: Eight Rules To Abide By

I am a Google addict, most of us are. It is so hard not to rely on it and other powerful internet search engines seeing as there is a big library of resources online. There are answers to anything and everything, I could be having a bad day and google ‘why am I having a bad day’ or why is the sky so blue today?’

Not to make light of it, I am just trying to point out how vast and totally random the questions we ask are. One really can’t deny the truth in some of the materials one finds, but many times too, one has to be guided as most of the materials are opinions of other people.

Marriages and perhaps relationships enjoyed more exclusiveness before the advent of social media and the internet generally. There was arguably more dedication from the lovers as there were not so many distractions such as we have now. There were not so many ‘lists’ to check against to measure one’s lover’s dedication or otherwise.

It is almost like unions have lost their privacy and it is now the husband, the wife and a bunch of faces/strangers. Someone tweeted once about how relationships were better during our parent’s time as there were no thousands of people liking one’s pictures or thousand others sounding off on it.

I love technology a lot but I can’t even deny that it has brought about some sort of laziness in the way we handle marital/relationship issues. Wives post quotes and pass hints of relationship unrest and the husband does the same instead of sitting together and talking about whatever is wrong with the hopes of resolving it. People post questions on forums and they get answers that probably leave them more confused than they were before they posted.

We all have to always bear in mind that no matter what we are going through as couples, we signed for the good and the bad times and that involves sticking together despite the temptation and distraction of the internet.

To hold your sanity, the following rules should be your guide.
  1. No two relationships are the same, embrace your uniqueness.
  2. Stop being so dramatic, every misunderstanding doesn’t translate to the end of the world.
  3. What God has joined together, let no man put asunder; don’t be the one bringing ‘men’ to put all sorts of asunder.
  4. Relax! It is not a competition, stop pitching your spouse against other strangers
  5. Delete friends/contacts that causes you to be distracted/tempted.
  6. There are so many people trying to figure out their lives on the social media, stop seeking advice from a bunch of confused lot, seek professional help be it a psychologist or your spiritual head.
  7. No one is perfect and staying in love is a decision one makes everyday.
  8. Pray always, let God lead your actions. Let Him be your inspiration to love.

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