Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Will He Ever Marry Me?

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Have you ever been in one of those relationships where you look forward to your birthdays, anniversary dates and every other date night just hoping the waiter would come in with that mysterious smile that tells of a surprise (you have been expecting?).  Do you find yourself hanging on every word your partner says hoping he might drop a clue about settling down in the middle of your conversations? Have you cleaned, cooked, given your body, given your money, and there is still no ring in sight? Have you found yourself following all the steps suggested by a relationship expert on how to get him to propose and there is still no change in your situation? How long have you had to wonder if your relationship was ever going to be ready for the next level?

Do you ask yourself if the one you have been dating for years will ever marry you?
Well, you might just be hung on the wrong person and it is about time you make a quick decision.
See,we all love for love to be all we dream it to be. We desire for things to work out exactly the way we envision them but more often than not we have had to accept that not everything works out in a particular way. Not all those we love would love us back same way and vice versa.
To be fair, you need to understand things from a man’s perspective. There are a number of reasons why a man might not feel ready yet;
·         He doesn’t feel matured enough- Maturity isn’t always about age but sometimes it is too. A twenty five year old man with a well-paying job and stable life might still feel like he needs to experiment a little, thus, making it hard for him to consider marriage.
·         He has commitment issues- Marriage is downright scary for some men and it takes a lot for them to be able to face their devil. This kind of man can give you an engage you for years
·         He is not financially stable- Men feel the need to be able to cater for their family and he might not propose or take it further if he isn’t there yet
·         He already gets all the marriage privileges with you- You cook,clean,give your body and do every other thing a wife does, the only thing missing is a ring. Why go through the rigors of a wedding when he can get all he wants without committing?
Bearing the above reasons why a man might not feel ready in mind, you might want to reconsider your decision to stay back in your relationship especially if the man is matured and financially buoyant or if you have feel like your priorities are not aligned. There is a huge chance that he doesn’t feel you are the one. It might be a hard decision to take but you need to move on.
You shouldn’t have to beg or coerce someone into making such an important decision. If you push for too long, you might end with a ring but still be left with a deep void within you and the knowing that something just doesn’t feel right.
I know lots of women feel validated by proposals and marriages but really the underlying story has to be about two people in love and committed to staying in love. Don’t be so transfixed on getting a man to propose or marry you that you drop all your standards and ignore every dangerous sign. Feeling he is the one doesn’t make him the one, love will happen for you at the right time.
Save yourself more wasted years, move on if he wouldn't commit.

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